Financial distribution without a licence and without supervision?

In 2007 at the latest, we began to regulate the free brokerage of financial products to a greater extent. Good reputation, liability insurance, proven expertise, the obligation to provide extensive information and documentation are standard. Some “old hands” have saved themselves into the new era without a certificate of competence. Since this year, financial investment […]

bAV: Warning against unlawful banking and financial services transactions *

“The hardest part of having an idea is not having it, but knowing if it’s good.” (Chris Howland)   Payment transactions for time value accounts or for “contractual portability” Innovative initiators in the field of company pension schemes (bAV) and the handling of time value accounts have brought models onto the market in which they […]

Finance and risk Control

Planvoll und kontrolliert zu mehr Vermögen Das eigene Vermögen planvoll und zukunftsorientiert zu betreuen sowie wertsteigernd und risikooptimiert anzulegen, erfordert ein Höchstmaß an Wissen und Zeit. Nicht jeder, der es zu einem gewissen Vermögen gebracht hat, ist auch ein Finanz- oder Controlling-Experte und so empfiehlt es sich, unabhängige Expertise  und externes Know-How mit ins Boot zu holen, um optimale […]

Insurance mediation as commercial fraud

– How clueless facilitators and training managers go straight to jail instead of through LOS -.   On 05.11.2014, the Central Criminal Investigation Service Lüneburg arrested two insurance brokers for commercial fraud. The intermediaries induced their customers to terminate existing annuity and life insurance policies in order to subsequently take out new insurance policies that […]

Cologne Higher Regional Court: Premium adjustments in private health insurance often ineffective!

– OLG Cologne judges generally usual procedure of the PKV as inadmissible –   In its judgment of 20 July 2012 (Case No.: 20 U 149/11), the Cologne Higher Regional Court ruled that a procedure used for decades by private health insurers for premium adjustments was incorrect. As a result, many premium adjustments since 1995 […]

Company pension scheme: Early termination of insurance contracts in the event of a change of employer

By Dr. Johannes Fiala and Thomas Keppel Reader A. S. asks: In the July 2007 issue of BC, I read with great interest the article on occupational pension provision and the employer’s obligation to offset losses in the case of deferred compensation. Subsequently, I invited our insurance agent for a discussion. He informed me, among […]

Occupational pension schemes: U-funds without insolvency protection, up to 25 billion euros employer liability

by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker ( The case ?XXX U-Kasse?: Once upon a time there was a U-Kasse in Ratingen, today you can only find the insolvency administrator on the Internet who is winding up this U-Kasse. The case went through […]

Einlagensicherung der britischen Lebensversicherer

*von Peter Schramm, Versicherungsmathematiker und Johannes Fiala, Rechtsanwalt Die Zeitschrift Finanztest (Ausgabe 09/2005, S.38 f.) berichtet dass bei britischen Policen ?Kein Schutz vor Pleite? bestünde, weil das Geld deutscher Kunden ?im Insolvenzfall nicht geschützt? sei. Auch angesehene Juristen im Dienste britischer Versicherer schädigen den Vertrieb durch die unrichtige Pauschalaussage ?keine Einlagensicherung?. Hier die Details: Bereits […]