Transparency of distribution costs for insurance products: A legal-economic analysis taking into account comparative law aspects

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Is an insurer or broker liable if its analysis software calculates incorrectly and consequently makes incorrect recommendations to the customer?

From the series of newsletters of the DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) Heidenheim on the topic “Mediation Law in Practice”:   At this point, lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala,, lecturer for insurance law at the DHBW Heidenheim, will answer your questions. You can ask questions by sending an email to   In the case […]

Financial investments for guardians, wards and benefactors – a legal and financial analysis

by Johannes Fiala, lawyer In many statutes of foundations, but also in guardianships, the assets are to be invested “gilt-edged”. Moreover, according to the law, the return has to be in an appropriate proportion to the risk. The work offers for the bank and insurance selling a regular manual for the consultation of guardians and […]

The real estate GmbH as a supposedly clever tax saving idea

– Why smart private investors should give it a wide berth? – But woe, woe, woe! When I look at the end!!! (Wilhelm Busch, 1865)   Asset-managing LLCs are among the top topics of numerous podcasts penned by experts and professors. This construction is advertised, for example, with the fact that only 15% corporate income […]

Risk diversification & asset protection

Diversification: How to safeguard assets in the long term For those who handle their assets responsibly, risk diversification is a must. Not only since the financial crisis of 2008, the real estate crisis or the last oil crisis, we are aware that our assets and savings in the savings account are not necessarily safe. World […]

Inflation: When money is no longer worth anything

Inflation and its prospects Things look bleak, and not just at the supermarket checkout and gas station. With a current inflation rate of over 7.3%, we can practically watch our hard-saved wealth shrink. What was a small luxury yesterday can be prohibitively expensive today. After more than two years of a pandemic, a European conflict […]

Optimisation of widow’s pensions for compulsory members of pension schemes

– Possibilities of structuring pension assets in pension chambers –   The Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate (OVG Rheinland-Pfalz, judgment of 26.05.2010, Case No. 6 A 10320/10.OVG) already dismissed the action of a doctor who wanted to have it established that his wife would later be entitled to a widow’s pension from the pension fund. […]

Versatile competence

Very good advice on various business topics. Everything as you would expect from a good lawyer: Thorough analysis of the situation, formulation of various alternatives with advantages and disadvantages and, in addition, the introduction of surprising proposals for solutions that I had not yet thought of. Satisfied all round!

Tenancy law

Tenancy law jungle and pre-programmed dispute In Germany, only just under 50% of the population live in their own four walls, which puts this country in second-to-last place in Europe as far as the home ownership rate is concerned. This not only means that half of the inhabitants of this country are in a tenancy […]


If you confront a judge with the popular saying “In court and on the high seas only the good Lord knows what happens to you”, the answer will promptly come: “No, no, … before the experts and on the high seas …”. Court-appointed and publicly appointed experts, but also private experts have an important function […]