Dubai asset investment

Mecca of the rich and beautiful Dubai, with its capital Dubai City, is probably the best known emirate in the United Arab Emirates and certainly the most notorious. Time and again, the small princely state attracts attention with controversial topics such as the investment of assets in Dubai, the casual treatment of women’s and human […]

Forced renovation

How expensive will the dream of home ownership For many people, the dream of owning their own home is a lifelong goal and an integral part of private wealth accumulation. Hardly any other investment symbolizes security, stability and the realization of personal dreams as much as a home of one’s own. Often, the path to […]

Load balancing 2.0

Burden sharing at the expense of all Crisis, crisis, crisis, who will finance our next crisis. The past few years have been unmistakably crisis years for just about everyone. Financially as well as emotionally, the consequences and repercussions of the “refugee crisis”, ” Corona crisis “, “financial crisis”, inflation and economic crisis are still to […]

Investment in North America

Why Canada is attractive for investors The economic and political situation in Europe, as well as the issues of climate change and peace, are prompting more and more people to diversify their assets. Whereas in the past people had invested their assets classically in real estate and shares in Germany, there is a clear trend […]

Expropriation protection

Take care of your assets One crisis follows the other, fronts harden and for the ordinary citizen, events roll over at a speed that makes it almost impossible to assess the consequences involved and to prepare appropriate expropriation protection. Inflation, property tax reform, gas apportionment, rising interest rates and cold progression are just a selection […]

Emigrate Serbia

Asset protection in the Balkans Idyllically, it lies in the sunset, the Danube oh so familiar to us. In the distance a city – Belgrade, metropolis of the Balkans and capital of Serbia. Word has long since spread about the advantages of these widths. From a former insider tip for brave travelers and party tourists, […]

Alternative investments

How to protect your assets Where to put all that money? An admittedly somewhat gloating question that will certainly only concern a portion of our readership, but could be all the more valuable for them. Cash is dead, long live cash. Not only since the current inflation (2022) of more than 7%, we are noticing […]

Finance and risk control

More wealth in a planned and controlled manner The own assets in a planned and future-oriented management as well as value-enhancing and risk-optimized investment requires the highest degree of Knowledge and time. Not everyone who has achieved a certain level of wealth is also a financial or controlling expert , so it is advisable to […]


Do you want to create or restructure a pension commitment? Independent consultants accompany you from the idea to the realisation – competently and seriously. On the one hand, we offer objective assistance in the legal and economic restructuring of pension commitments as well as in the preparation of new pension commitments. On the other hand, […]

British liability traps

The past regularly catches up with many intermediaries: Leverage transactions with British life insurance policies are still frequently litigated in the courts. portfolio international spoke about this with lawyer Johannes Fiala. The issue of credit-funded UK life insurance has been a highly charged one over the past year. Are intermediaries off the hook three years […]