finance and risk control

Es ist keine leichte Aufgabe und eigentlich ein Fulltimejob, sein Vermögen planvoll und zukunftsorientiert zu betreuen sowie wertsteigernd und risikooptimiert anzulegen. Zudem ist nicht jeder der es zu einem gewissen Vermögen gebracht hat auch ein Finanz- oder Controlling-Experte. Am Anfang einer jeden planvollen Finanzanlage steht eine grundlegende Analyse des Ist-Zustandes. Hierbei werden alle relevanten Vermögenswerte genau […]

Asset Management

Those who want to know that their private assets, those of a foundation or even of an institution are in good hands and who themselves have little understanding of capital preservationand protection, can assign this task to a so-called asset manager. Asset management, a professional title that is largely unprotectedorunregulated in Germany, defines a service […]

Deposit insurance for credit institutions and securities trading firms, Part 1

When maybe only 100,000 euros are secured and the rest becomes a restructuring profit for the bank….   The Financial Market Authority cannot prevent the insolvency of credit institutions, securities trading houses or insurance companies. For securities trading companies, the maximum compensation obligation is 90% of up to EUR 20,000. In the past, there was […]

The tax consultant as a financial advisor – (k)a competition for financial service providers?

Time and again, tax advisors and lawyers try their hand at “investment advice” – occasionally not only for a fee but also for commission if the investment is successful. Conversely, insurance companies (e.g. when setting up a company pension scheme) and banks (e.g. for financial advice and succession planning) are increasingly offering the customer a […]