Complex asset management

Long-term planning but in line with demand If you earn money, you have to learn how to handle it. On the one hand, it is important to be able to cover the needs of daily life and, on the other, to ensure long-term financial stability. Satisfying the basic needs of a human being is only […]

Alternatives to occupational pensions instead of insurance solutions

– When government subsidies and legal requirements later become a yield trap –   Increasing periods of employment in the low-wage sector or as a Hartz IV recipient reduce the prospects of the subsistence minimum in working life as well as later as a pensioner. While a fine may not affect the garnishment-free income, Hartz […]

Lawyer for banking law in Munich

Banking law: errors in advice, credit traps and more As a lawyer for banking law, I know that a bank has been part of our daily life since our earliest childhood. Just remember your first savings book, which you probably got at primary school from the nice savings bank advisor next door. We withdraw money, […]

Pension: once “the yellow of the egg” – today expropriated

Pre-programmed old-age poverty despite additional private provision by those with compulsory insurance: Which is why even average earners have the best prospects of a basic pension.   Anyone who is employed as an employee until the age of 67 with a continuous income can expect to receive a net pension amounting to 50 percent of […]

Employers are still liable for their commitments to employees

When pension funds cut their own benefits For years, there have been more and more reports about the reduction of benefits in pension funds, life insurance companies and pension funds. Responsible actuaries, actuaries, are increasingly worried there. And rightly so, because employers could take recourse against these experts in matters of occupational pension calculation. After […]

You should take this into account when revoking your life insurance contract

Pursuant to § 7 Para. 1 of the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG 2008), insurance companies must inform their customers in text form of the “contractual provisions, including the general terms and conditions of insurance, as well as the information specified in a statutory instrument pursuant to Para. 2” before concluding a contract.   This […]

Reduction of liability and plausibility checks for investment advisors in closed-end fund offerings – Part 2

The investment adviser must fulfil his main duties. He cannot rely on the assessment of third parties. One will be able to trust an experienced investment advisor that he is able to carry out a plausibility check based on the basic investment criteria and specific extensions to the investment category.   Plausibility is the estimation […]

Deposit insurance for credit institutions and securities trading firms, Part 1

When maybe only 100,000 euros are secured and the rest becomes a restructuring profit for the bank….   The Financial Market Authority cannot prevent the insolvency of credit institutions, securities trading houses or insurance companies. For securities trading companies, the maximum compensation obligation is 90% of up to EUR 20,000. In the past, there was […]

New landlord certificate aims to protect against crime through bogus registrations

Why presumption certificates and well-intentioned laws invite crime Over 35 million citizens live in Germany for rent. Since 01.11.2015, they have to submit a certificate from the landlord about moving in and out to the registration office. A state secretary from the Ministry of the Interior commented on the amendment to the law: “The Federal […]

Mayor and her treasurer face prosecution for adverse dealings

How municipal officials can prepare for their defense Some cities and towns tend to make the budget look more positive than it really is. That’s where fictitious revenue is booked to show a balanced budget. Expenditure already incurred shall be carried forward to the following financial year. The budget thus appears balanced, showing a surplus […]