How to check the quality of an investment before buying – financial planning using the example of “junk real estate”.

by Johannes Fiala, lawyer Eine Investition in eine schlechte Geldanlage kann Ihr gesamtes zukünftiges Leben beeinträchtigen. Neben den finanziellen Lasten kommt noch die soziale und emotionale Belastung dazu. Dieser Artikel soll zeigen, wie sich “der Deutsche” Produkte verkaufen lässt – und durch welches Vorgehen sich die typischen Fehler vermeiden lassen. Dieses Wissen mag zwar nicht […]

Retirement planning with annuity purchase instead of life insurance or sovereign wealth funds with cash cover

– How the state can ensure the efficiency of retirement planning for the middle class –   After 31 years of work, average earners will only receive a basic pension (social welfare level, with up to less than 758 euros per month) – low earners would have to work 63 years in social security for […]

Retirement provision and asset planning

Private pension provision affects us all While 20 years ago bottle collecting pensioners were a rare sight on Germany’s streets, today they are already part of the everyday street scene. The results of a survey of the Deutsche Bank clearly show that already every second German citizenhas anxiety about this, no longer be able to […]

Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate

Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate Introduction A legal guardian can be appointed for an adult: Legal guardianship leads to legal guardianship, § 1902. The guardianship court may appoint a voluntary guardian (lay guardian) or a professional guardian. The appointment of a suitable volunteer supervisor is a priority. The volunteer […]

Planning replaces chance with error

Death, divorce and insolvency – What happens to life insurance? Some policyholders (VN) decide too late that they would like to change the subscription right of a life insurance policy(ies). If the policyholder instructs his broker to make the change, it is important that this is regularly done in writing in accordance with the insurance […]

Trust foundation allows medium-sized companies flexible succession planning

The dual foundation is a smart one for business succession and retirement planning. In this case, the shareholder-managing director of a GmbH transfers a large part of the company shares without voting rights and tax-neutrally to a charitable trust foundation. The remaining GmbH shares, equipped with voting and profit participation rights, are transferred to a […]

Planning ahead

The charitable trust foundation can be an effective solution for medium-sized entrepreneurs – especially in the case of liquidity bottlenecks and inheritance law. Almost completely unnoticed by the entire public, a fundamental reform of the inheritance and gift tax is imminent in 2007. This is like a time bomb for the entire middle class, because […]

Post-mortem allowance Succession planning and pension provision

An advisor to private wealth clients is familiar with “anticipated inheritance.” Every ten years, the usual allowances for spouses and children – via chain gifts also from grandparents to grandchildren can be used. What is less well known is that this inheritance tax ten-year rule can also be applied after death. This also multiplies the […]

What are acquisition brokerage, investment advice, financial portfolio management, financial planning, investment brokerage and prospectus liability?

Investment brokerage: Investment brokerage (also called acquisition brokerage, especially in the insurance sector) is the pure brokering of a third party’s investment (no products created by the client). What is owed is the provision of information and the execution of the mediation, but no advice. The investor has a limited expectation here, because he only […]