Rürup pension: What financial advisors often forget to tell their clients

A Rürup pension cannot be inherited, given away, sold or lent. If you have debts, you risk creditors seizing the Rürup assets you have saved up before your pension starts. And if the state would have to pay Hartz IV or court cost assistance, it allows him to deny the Rürup assets and to refer […]

The tax consultant as a financial advisor – (k)a competition for financial service providers?

Time and again, tax advisors and lawyers try their hand at “investment advice” – occasionally not only for a fee but also for commission if the investment is successful. Conversely, insurance companies (e.g. when setting up a company pension scheme) and banks (e.g. for financial advice and succession planning) are increasingly offering the customer a […]

In the end, it hits the financial advisor

In the wake of the EU Insurance Mediation Directive, financial advisors would be well advised to consider the issue of liability and coverage through financial loss liability insurance, as the following example illustrates. Ralf W. Barth IN A CONCRETE CASE, a fund participation in Falk Fonds 75, we would like to illustrate the explosive nature […]

Initiator monitoring and controlling: sales companies and training managers in personal liability for incorrect training of financial intermediaries and financial advisors

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the same as between a flash of lightning and a firefly (Mark Twain, US storyteller and satirist, 1835 – 1910).   Since many training courses of product providers and/or distributors are based on legal statements whose contents were not checked in advance, the […]

Asset management: creative financial distribution without a licence and without financial supervision

– Products and concepts for formerly licensed intermediaries, brokers, tipsters and advisors –   Investors lose up to more than €40 billion every year because they did not really understand the financial products sold to them – or were the victim of fraud. It is typical that even formerly unsuspicious competence bearers or their financial […]

Independent experts and legal advisors to safeguard the enforcement of the law

– What insurance customers should pay particular attention to in the event of a claim? –   The European Court of Human Rights ruled (judgment of 02.02.2016, ref. 7186/09) that a technically incorrect calculation method discriminatorily understates the disability pension. Due to an incorrect approach, the degree of disability had been reduced from 50% to […]

Re-insurance by financial brokers and insurance brokers often without information about disadvantages

– When substitution of investments and insurance leads straight to liability –   By judgment of 24.07.2015, the OLG Cologne (Case No. 20 U 44/15) ruled that termination and sale of life insurance policies is typically associated with significant disadvantages. Since every insurance broker knows this, he has to point out the disadvantages. If the […]

Generation consultants, succession planners and financial planners together with initiators in conflict with the Legal Services Act

For decades there has been the training as Financial-Planner (financial planner), Estate-Planner (succession planner) and for some years now as Generation Consultant with IHK certificate. Surely only the trainers will make money from this for the time being. At second glance, it is a guide to the violation of the Legal Services Act (RDG) and […]

Interview with lawyer Johannes Fiala on current trends in the financial services sector

(epn) Mr. Fiala, we would like to start by introducing you to our readers. You have started your professional career as a banker at Bankhaus H.Aufhäuser. Afterwards you studied economics with a focus on financial services (Master of Business Administration, University of Wales) and law (lawyer for over 10 years). They sit on the examination […]