What are acquisition brokerage, investment advice, financial portfolio management, financial planning, investment brokerage and prospectus liability?

Investment brokerage: Investment brokerage (also called acquisition brokerage, especially in the insurance sector) is the pure brokering of a third party’s investment (no products created by the client). What is owed is the provision of information and the execution of the mediation, but no advice. The investor has a limited expectation here, because he only […]

Intermediary liability: bankruptcy due to incorrect investment advice

A must read for advisors, agents, brokers, employees of distribution companies, employees of insurance companies, partners and employees of credit institutions.   Intermediary liability: The early death of the investment advisor through bankruptcy due to incorrect investment advice!   New market development trends: The banking and investment scene is in a state of upheaval. The […]

Massive investor losses due to overly safe investments

– Why the Small Investor Protection Act does not protect against investment losses due to low interest rates –   Obligation to provide investor-friendly advice According to the BGH Bond ruling (Federal Court of Justice ruling of 14.06.2007, Ref. XI ZR 12/93), all investment advice must be appropriate to the investor and the property. Investor-oriented […]

Reversal of insurance policies for capital & financial investment

Why you should cancel an insurance policy After taking out an insurance policy, there are Insured persons have two options contractual relationship with your insurer to terminate the contract: On the one hand, the contract can be terminated – like any contract- under Compliance with the legal deadlines informal and on the other hand, it […]

Legal advice for your private pension provision

Private pension provision and its pitfalls Anyone who wants to take out insurance for old age cannot afford to ignore a private pension plan today. The standard of living with the statutory pension in the future is doubtful. A well thought-out concept for a private pension scheme is therefore equally important for self-employed and employees. […]

Lawyer for investment law in Munich

Investment law: Ask at the right time The investor protector Heinz Gerlach (*1945, +2010) once said that the typical investor at the regulars’ table only has three questions: First question: The investor waves various prospectus documents and asks “Is that something?”Second question: “And what’s the best?”Third question (usually after months or years): “What is the […]

Obligation of private health insurers to provide advice

The private health insurance has a legal obligation to provide advice if there is a recognisable reason – and even more so if there is an explicit request – § 6 VVG. This also includes “human care until the end of life”, for example through palliative and, if necessary, hospice treatment, as well as through […]

Protocols should ensure high quality advice

The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH, ruling of 13.11.2014, Ref. III ZR 544/13) has recently decided that the failure of the insurance broker to comply with the documentation obligation under Section 61 (1) of the German Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsvermittler). 1 sentence 2, § 62 of the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG) may lead to a shift in […]

Many years of consistently excellent intelligent advice

In matters of financial law I can recommend Mr. I highly recommend Dr. Johannes Fiala! He gives one through his years of experience in the daily fight against big banks, Insurance, etc., but also his extraordinary extensive knowledge in the field of investments, financing, Reversal etc. the confidence needed to stand up effectively as a […]