In focus: Liability traps for lawyers and tax advisors in connection with advice on occupational pension schemes

Insolvency risks – Authority to provide legal services – Insurance cover Occupational pensions are an important component of retirement provision. They obtain their complex position in the German legal system through the interdisciplinary interaction of the most diverse fields of law, which can easily become a liability trap for legal and tax advisors; the numerous […]

Liability traps with the time value account

Time value accounts and the models of partial retirement are paid by the Financial sales increasingly advertised. The financial intermediaries it’s mostly about commissions: The fewest intermediaries know about the civil and criminal law Liability risks for fiscal Consultants and the management the employer. In order to create an implementation channel for the company pension […]

British liability traps

The past regularly catches up with many intermediaries: Leverage transactions with British life insurance policies are still frequently litigated in the courts. portfolio international spoke about this with lawyer Johannes Fiala. The issue of credit-funded UK life insurance has been a highly charged one over the past year. Are intermediaries off the hook three years […]

Lawyers warn brokers of liability traps

Lawyers warn brokers of liability traps: The implementation of the EU Insurance Mediation Directive will require brokers to provide extensive advice and documentation in the future. However, many of these basic requirements have not yet been defined. The Munich lawyer Johannes Fiala therefore warns brokers and software manufacturers not to be lulled into a sense […]

bAV: Liability traps with the time value account – Traps for the financial sales force

*by Johannes Fiala (Munich), attorney (, and Peter A. Schramm (Diethardt), actuarial expert ( No company pension scheme This is not a way of implementing a company pension scheme. Rather, it is a matter of a “gross saving” by the employee, whereby an “incident” can occur at any time, which then triggers a payment as […]

Liability traps when terminating life insurance policies – entitlement to a higher surrender value in the event of low interest rates

*by Peter Schramm ( and Johannes Fiala Until 1994, guaranteed surrender values were paid out in German life insurance in the event of cancellation, which were calculated from the actuarial reserve according to the business plan less cancellation deductions. Fair values instead of guaranteed surrender values With the deregulation of 1994, the guaranteed surrender […]