Life insurance coats from Liechtenstein: Tax evasion often included ?

– Avoiding the risks of the final withholding tax savings model –   The truth is often brutal, the lie only when it is uncovered. Erhard Blanck. In order to circumvent the final withholding tax on investment income, ultimately to reduce the taxes, and for tax-free retention of the income, life insurance companies from Liechtenstein, […]

Design and alternatives to group insurance even without broker licensing

If providers of group insurance contracts, such as associations and companies, pursue their own monetary interest with their offer, they may require registration as insurance intermediaries. How group insurance policies can be designed and, if necessary, alternatives can be created, even if the intermediary license according to § 34 GeWo is missing.   Insurance company […]

Insurance Law

Insurance law: inform in good time Nowadays, there is almost no aspect of life that cannot be covered by a insurance. The field of insurance law is broadly diversified and applies both in the area of private provision and in corporate risk minimization. Many insurances are almost regarded as basic equipment for a “carefree” life. […]

Life insurance in Liechtenstein: Asset protection with total default risks

“If you have faith, it’s all over.” (Stanislav Lec, Polish poet)   Asset protection is the separation of business and private risks or assets, including the integration of insurance protection. Risks to private assets stem primarily from the business sector (e.g. liability for break-through) or from financing, but also from separation/divorce or legal disputes.   […]

Insurance coats come into fashion

With the final withholding tax, traditional asset management with funds is losing much of its appeal. Insurance shells based on the Luxembourg or Liechtenstein model are likely to gain in importance despite the current heated debates on tax evasion. You don’t have to be a prophet to predict one thing: insurance shell companies will come […]

Life insurance in Liechtenstein

*by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), MBA Financial Services (Univ.Wales), MM (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker ( Safeguard assets and values by spreading them abroad There are many reasons to consider life insurance from Liechtenstein. The best known are bankruptcy privilege and insurance secrecy. Remarkable options are also available for […]

Books / Technical articles

Publications – Technical papers Fiala/Schramm, Insolvency risk of British life insurers when relocating to Ireland, ExpertenReport, issue 7/2019, pages 60-62 Fiala/Schramm, When are insurers no longer obliged to pay benefits or can reduce benefits?Expert Report, issue 3/2019, pages 56-58 Fiala/Schramm, No insurance coverage in case of refusal to pay protection money, ExpertenReport, issue 11/2018. Pages […]

Inheritance and pension law: Your lawyer for competent advice in Munich

Inheritance law: Advice and support on inheritance The subject of inheritance and bequeathing is as old as mankind itself and the subject Erbrecht is an extremely sensitive and complex area. Only a few people deal extensively with the subject of bequests during their lifetime and often leave their heirs more trouble than assets. Everybody knows […]

Blackboard papers guarantee tax exemption – or tax evasion-deluxe until the end of 2016

– Which loopholes the legislator still allows the investor tax-free – For decades it has been customary for many investors to store their securities in effective certificates in a safe deposit box. For the older generation, the reason is a war experience, so that, if necessary, one can pick up bonds and shares at any […]

Liechtenstein-Connections from the perspective of the investigators

The authors deal with the issue of criminal tax fraud and money laundering using foundation trustees and life insurance companies in Liechtenstein. From the practice of investigative investigation, they define whether, among other things, instigation or aiding and abetting by bankers or intermediaries is to be assumed. Red.   Of course, in recent years the […]