Manager liability insurance: mostly worthless for managers and companies?

– Why so-called Directors & Officers (D&O) liability insurance policies often do not cover –   Manager liability instead of risk management Self-employed persons, i.e. tradesmen and freelancers, often use corporations for their own professional activities. Out of fear of so-called “liability for breaching private assets”, you then have a manager liability insurance policy sold […]

Insolvency law

Insolvency is rarely a disgrace Insolvencies of large and small companies are almost part of the daily news agenda. Terms likeinsolvency practitioner, reorganization, creditor or insolvency proceedings are familiar to everyone. However, we know from practice in our firm that very few people are aware of the exact meaning of a insolvency or insolvency proceeding. […]

Generation consultants, succession planners and financial planners together with initiators in conflict with the Legal Services Act

For decades there has been the training as Financial-Planner (financial planner), Estate-Planner (succession planner) and for some years now as Generation Consultant with IHK certificate. Surely only the trainers will make money from this for the time being. At second glance, it is a guide to the violation of the Legal Services Act (RDG) and […]

How safe are the money deposits…..

Under no circumstances can the security system withstand every conceivable financial crisis. At the very most, however, the supervisory authority is entitled to contractually guaranteed. further reduce benefits and accumulated surpluses to bring them back into line with diminished capital. In the most extreme case, this could lead to that life insurance savers lose more […]

bAV: How to optimize taxes and social security contributions

Company pension scheme: Tax burdens and social security contributions play an important role in the settlement of occupational pension entitlements. In the guest article, Dr. Fiala and Peter Schramm show optimisation possibilities. Severance pay for company pension schemes (bAV) as a tax-saving model The State Social Court of Baden-Württemberg (ruling of 24 March 2015, file […]

Attorney-client privilege or tax liability

“Don’t go to the prince before you are summoned,” says attorney Rüstig, until suddenly his first liability notice is delivered to him personally.   He had been obedient since 1.1. In 1993, he complied with the Interest Discount Act (“ZaSt “er!) by distributing the interest income from escrow accounts among his clients and then certifying […]

Deposit protection at banks and insurance companies – a bankruptcy protection?

securing devices are to be found there, where there are threats to security. State supervision is also a sign of mistrust, not trust, the authors argue, asking who would feel safer there, where it is transported with a mine-proof armoured vehicle or In einem …with a nato-wire fence and an office secured by heavily-armed men? […]

Typical gaps in protection in the financial loss liability insurance of the guardian

CONTENTS   I. Liability in the event of delegation of tasks II. Particular gaps in cover for voluntary guardians III Further questions regarding adequate insurance cover arise for the professional guardian: Consequences of partnership, cooperation and office sharing No pecuniary loss insurance for lawyers and tax advisors in the case of commercial activity as guardian […]

Wealth management including tax and legal advice

Welth management including tax and legal advice ! * Sales models with consulting practice in the financial industry *by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), Mediator (Univ.), MBA Financial Services (Univ.Wales), MM (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Lecturer (Univ. of Cooperative Education), Banker ( You can still govern with bad laws and […]