The real estate GmbH as a supposedly clever tax saving idea

– Why smart private investors should give it a wide berth? – But woe, woe, woe! When I look at the end!!! (Wilhelm Busch, 1865)   Asset-managing LLCs are among the top topics of numerous podcasts penned by experts and professors. This construction is advertised, for example, with the fact that only 15% corporate income […]

Federal Supreme Court facilitates reversal in the case of overpriced junk real estate

– How property buyers can escape over-indebtedness after a bad investment -.   Selling overpriced real estate for retirement has been a tradition for decades. For the vast majority of buyers, it was the first and last property in their lives. The idea of calling in an independent expert did not occur to the purchasers […]

Real estate and construction financing: We advise you on the ground!

– Credit institutions are liable for failure in real estate financing duration until retirement age –   Credit institutions often finance real estate in the foreseeable knowledge that the property will not be paid off by the time the borrower retires. If a failure of the financing and thus a forced sale of the property […]

When real estate becomes junk real estate

How do banks and insurance companies finance usuriously overpriced real estate? Scrap real estate is a topic for up to more than two million affected investors. The Investors’ Council says: “Only invest in investments that you understand yourself”. This applies to the timing of investments and the ongoing monitoring of capital investments. More often, experts […]

Additional qualification clairvoyance: A must for every real estate agent

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 10.03.2016, file no. I ZR 147/14) once again wrote into the insurance brokers’ logbook how comprehensive their advice must be. The usual questionnaires, including any data retrieval via the Internet, are insufficient. If, in the event of a claim, the insurer (BoD) does not pay or pays […]

Early repayment of fixed-interest loans is often not permitted when selling real estate

Why there is often no justified interest in premature termination of the contract   When selling real estate, the bank loans are usually repaid by the seller so that the property can be transferred unencumbered in the land register – with the existing encumbrances, the property would normally be unsaleable. The repayment of the loans […]

Faulty real estate financing through deception of returns?

Investors bear risks of poor life insurance returns Time and again, investors have fallen for “non-binding yield forecasts” of life insurance policies – the broker and advertising material of some companies suggested dream yields of, for example, 12.9% or even 31.2% for British policies in particular. At times, clear warnings that such returns are not […]