Reversal of closed participations and life insurances through rescission, revocation and termination?

– How capital investors can be deceived systematically also by “money back! order” –   Current BGH ruling on the invalidity of “money-back orders The Federal Court of Justice (BGH. Judgment of 11.12.2013, Ref. IV ZR 46/13) ruled that the purchase of “used” life insurance policies is null and void unless it is a genuine […]

Reversal of dangerous combined transactions: Revocation of credit-financed capital investments

– New ruling of the Federal Court of Justice facilitates the discharge of loan debts – It is part of everyday life at credit institutions to make even larger capital investments possible for the customer by making a large part of the necessary money for an investment available to him as a loan. As a […]

Federal Supreme Court facilitates reversal in the case of overpriced junk real estate

– How property buyers can escape over-indebtedness after a bad investment -.   Selling overpriced real estate for retirement has been a tradition for decades. For the vast majority of buyers, it was the first and last property in their lives. The idea of calling in an independent expert did not occur to the purchasers […]

Reversal of insurance policies for capital & financial investment

Why you should cancel an insurance policy After taking out an insurance policy, there are Insured persons have two options contractual relationship with your insurer to terminate the contract: On the one hand, the contract can be terminated – like any contract- under Compliance with the legal deadlines informal and on the other hand, it […]

Reversal of the burden of proof in case of inadequate documentation

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 13 November 2014, Ref. III ZR 544/13) has recently ruled that failure to comply with the insurance agent’s duty of documentation in accordance with § 61 Para. 1 sentence 2, § 62 of the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG) may lead to a shift in the burden […]

Reversal through revocation – despite cancellation or contract expiry in the KLV and RV?

– How risk costs destroy the refund in case of insufficient cancellation instructions –   According to the BGH, if a life or pension insurance policy taken out between 1994 and 2007 is revoked, the premiums plus of all uses less the risk costs consumed for the risk must be repaid by the insurer. By […]

Insurance: Reversal, revocation and enforcement in the case of company pension schemes

Revocation is possible for life insurance policies (LV) for an eternal period. In the main, this may affect around 40% of life and pension insurance policies from the years 1995-2007 alone. This is based on rulings by the European Court of Justice (ECJ, ruling of 19 December 2013, Case C-209/12) and the Federal Court of […]

Life insurance: Reversal made easier

Millions of investors trust their bank advisors and insurance brokers. The risk that the investment decision turns out to be wrong is borne by the client. However, the prerequisite for this is that the advice given to the customer was sufficient. However, many advisors are unable to do this because they have not even read […]