Criminal tax fraud or money laundering with the help of foundation trustees and life insurance companies

Johannes Fiala, Peter A. Schramm It is the responsibility of the capital investor to have “tax saving models” examined independently of “fee and commission interests” before making an investment decision. Because even re – nommierte credit institutes arrange dubious investment models until today. Seit Jahren schreiben Steuerfahndungsstellen Bundesbürger wegen „Ermittlungsverfahren nach § 208 Abs. 1 […]

Helpful introduction to unknown field

A review of: Fiala / Nerb (eds.) Investments for wards and persons under guardianship Legal and financial mathematical basics for guardians and custodians Bundesanzeiger Verlag, Cologne 2003, 166 pages, 29.80 E ISBN 3-8981 7-280-5 It does not require any particular imagination to realise that the demographic factor, which has a major influence on the […]

Liability issues in the tax saving and acquirer model

by Johannes Fiala, lawyer; Kristina Starck, lawyer; Klaus Werht, Dr rer pol Privatdozent at the Department of Economics at the University of Hamburg I. Typical situation The investor is regularly approached by a contact person with the aim of clarifying whether there is a general interest in saving taxes or in acquiring a property with […]