Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate

Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate Introduction A legal guardian can be appointed for an adult: Legal guardianship leads to legal guardianship, § 1902. The guardianship court may appoint a voluntary guardian (lay guardian) or a professional guardian. The appointment of a suitable volunteer supervisor is a priority. The volunteer […]

Faulty real estate financing through deception of returns?

Investors bear risks of poor life insurance returns Time and again, investors have fallen for “non-binding yield forecasts” of life insurance policies – the broker and advertising material of some companies suggested dream yields of, for example, 12.9% or even 31.2% for British policies in particular. At times, clear warnings that such returns are not […]

Liability for real estate loans and equity financing with life insurance – banks, insurance companies and brokers are responsible for repayment

Life insurance policies for the repayment of construction loans The combination of several financial products (e.g. building loan and life insurance, real estate loan and building society contract) promises the investor additional income through possible interest rate differences or tax savings, and at the same time additional commission for the agent. However, it is not […]

Beware of the trap – Valuable tips for buying real estate

Buying real estate can become a gamble if you are not aware of the many pitfalls When buying a car almost every buyer gets advice from an expert. When buying a property experts seem to have their say only in exceptional cases. During the last 30 years, about one million German citizens have had a de facto “junk […]

Mistakes and pitfalls in real estate financing

Unsound proposals by intermediaries and financial houses for investors and builders In the last three decades, around one million German citizens have had a de facto junk property sold to them as an investment, primarily as a retirement provision. Very few are actually a case for the wrecking ball or the demolition expert, because they […]

Valuation of real estate in the estate, in case of donation or inheritance by authorities

Why the objection by a lawyer against the assessment is often worthwhile ?  According to expert experience, the probability that the tax office will overestimate the value of a property from its desk is up to 80%. In individual cases, the value is then overestimated by up to more than 50% from the office. This […]

Mistakes and pitfalls in real estate financing

Risks:  Unsound proposals of the mediators and finance houses for investors and owners are no rarity – in the last three decades approximately a Milliion of German citizens let themselves be sold a de facto junk real estate as an investment, above all for the age precaution. It is true that very few of them […]