Woran ein Haus- und Wohnungseigentümer denken sollte wenn es um die Regelung von Betreuung und Nachlass geht

Inadequate provision can cause considerable economic damage to assets in the event of care or death; and often the wishes and aspirations of the person concerned are not fulfilled. The documents for arranging these matters are power of attorney, last will and testament, health care proxy and care proxy.   This article is intended to […]

Anticipated succession

Juristische und steuerrechtliche Beratung für Erblasser zum Thema Erbfolge Wer zu seinen Lebzeiten ein privates Vermögen aufgebaut hat oder familiäres Vermögen erhalten und gemehrt hat, möchte dies auch in Zukunft im Verband der eigenen Familie beziehungsweise Erben wissen. Erklärtes Ziel ist es hierbei selbstverständlich, das eigene Vermögen zu erhalten, ohne durch den Fiskus oder eventuelle Erbschaftsstreitigkeiten […]

Inheritance and pension law: Your lawyer for competent advice in Munich

Inheritance law: Advice and support on inheritance The subject of inheritance and bequeathing is as old as mankind itself and the subject Erbrecht is an extremely sensitive and complex area. Only a few people deal extensively with the subject of bequests during their lifetime and often leave their heirs more trouble than assets. Everybody knows […]

Caution – liability for false statements in sample calculations

Intermediaries who prepare sample calculations of returns, appreciation potential or other future assumptions for their clients expose themselves to liability risk if the calculation contains misstatements. This is especially true when speculative elements are included. For example, in July 2007 the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) sentenced a redeveloper of old housing stock to reverse […]