Asset management in private wealth management

The FLV-jacket as a highly interesting tool for asset structuring and optimization from a tax and inheritance planning perspective   The advisor of private wealth clients should know the advantages of investing abroad. Of central importance are discretion, creative flexibility, as well as banking and insurance secrecy. Buzzwords: Income taxes Inheritance Taxes Withholding taxes individual […]

Life insurance in Liechtenstein: Asset protection with total default risks

“If you have faith, it’s all over.” (Stanislav Lec, Polish poet)   Asset protection is the separation of business and private risks or assets, including the integration of insurance protection. Risks to private assets stem primarily from the business sector (e.g. liability for break-through) or from financing, but also from separation/divorce or legal disputes.   […]

Reduction of liability and plausibility check for investment advisors for closed-end fund offers – Part I

The liability risks of insurance brokers, investment brokers and consultants, but also of distributors and financial planners, differ depending on the customer (advice suitable for investors), capital investment (advice suitable for the property) or the risk involved (advice following property inspection and risk analysis). Obligation to disclose commissions – or reverse the transaction: This first […]

Distribution of closed-end investments

The liability risks of the sales department in this area already differ according to the customer (investor-oriented advice), the capital investment (object-oriented advice) or the risk involved (advice after object examination and risk analysis). In addition, a plethora of potential pitfalls to be aware of.   The latest rulings of the Federal Court of Justice […]

Rürup capital as a pension factor – new view “Only the welfare level is protected from creditors”.

A new letter of the Federal Minister of Finance clarifies that saved Rürup capital cannot be withdrawn from the access of creditors. This results in a fundamentally new discussion situation with the insurance providers. Red. The fact that not only saved assets in a Rürup pension can be seized, but also the non-state-subsidised part of […]

BGH ruling: Private pension provision pensions are fully attachable

Many self-employed persons and freelancers are not aware that, according to a ruling of the Federal Court of Justice, private insurance pensions, such as accident or occupational disability pensions, or pensions of former freelancers and self-employed persons do not enjoy any protection against seizure. As a rule, the legally permitted insurance assets that are exempt […]

Attachment of private pensions is possible – no tax-free amount

Bogus security The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided in its ruling of 15.11.2007 (Ref. IX ZB 89/05) that private insurance pensions (e.g. accident or occupational disability pensions) or pensions (so-called private old-age provision) of former freelancers or self-employed persons do not enjoy any protection against seizure. This is also the case for self-employed persons […]