poverty in old age

“The pension is safe!” announced Norbert Blüm. Today, people ask, “How much pension is safe?” How political decisions lead to impoverishment.   Old-age poverty is an increasingly frequent topic in the media. What is special about this phenomenon is that it is homemade. According to the impression even put up with. After all, it has […]

Dr. Fiala: Garnishment protection – the pitfalls in pension schemes, in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

  Tax consultants, doctors, dentists, architects, journalists and other freelancers have no other choice. You have to pay into professional pension funds or pension chambers for your pension. But how safe is the money you have saved up when creditors or insolvency administrators want to enforce their claims?   The financial news service GoMoPa.net asked […]

Saving over time

From 2012 onwards, Riester savers will be obliged to contribute a minimum amount of 5 euros per month if they wish to continue receiving allowances and tax benefits in 2012.   The following are thus abolished for spouses who are not gainfully employed and who are indirectly entitled to the allowance non-contributory contracts where only […]

Rürup is attachable!

Insurer associations, insurers and the insurance selling praise in advertising brochures for many years the Rürup pension as seizing-protected age precaution. Now this proves as bare marketing lie for the Kundenakquise – that is the opinion of Dr. Johannes Fiala and Dipl.- Math. Peter A. Schramm.   The Rürup pension (the so-called seizure-protected old-age provision […]

Rürup capital as a pension factor – new view “Only the welfare level is protected from creditors”.

A new letter of the Federal Minister of Finance clarifies that saved Rürup capital cannot be withdrawn from the access of creditors. This results in a fundamentally new discussion situation with the insurance providers. Red. The fact that not only saved assets in a Rürup pension can be seized, but also the non-state-subsidised part of […]