Optimize pension equalization – even during a current marriage

Company pension scheme: Dr. Johannes Fiala and Peter Schramm explain how a higher level of provision can be achieved with less effort in a guest article for procontra-online.de. With regard to pension equalisation, there is currently (still) the possibility of “external splitting” of company pension schemes (bAV), for example in the event of divorce, Section […]

Statutory health insurance also for over 55-year-olds without 12 months of compulsory insurance

– A new regulation facilitates return to the statutory health insurance in old age -.   The new “Law for the elimination of social excessive demands in case of contribution debts in the health insurance” regulates a new obligatory follow-up insurance as an automatic voluntary continued insurance even after only one day of previous insurance, […]

poverty in old age

“The pension is safe!” announced Norbert Blüm. Today, people ask, “How much pension is safe?” How political decisions lead to impoverishment.   Old-age poverty is an increasingly frequent topic in the media. What is special about this phenomenon is that it is homemade. According to the impression even put up with. After all, it has […]

Statements in Insurance Industry No. 15

Re: VW 13/2013, Company & Markets, Health Miscounseling: In about 90 pension schemes, also called Versorgungskammer, chambered professionals regularly become compulsory members. Their entitlements to funded pensions have already fallen sharply compared with earlier commitments and will have to fall further if interest rates remain low. It would be a mistake to rely solely on […]

bAV: Zillmerisation in the case of deferred compensation inadmissible

Billion-dollar liability for employers, intermediaries and providers – employers successfully sued over company pension scheme. A few days before the oral proceedings (Case No. 3 AZR 376/07) before the Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG), the employer sued apparently recognised the hopelessness of its appeal. The decision of the Munich Regional Labor Court (LAG) of […]