Liability issues in the tax saving and acquirer model

by Johannes Fiala, lawyer; Kristina Starck, lawyer; Klaus Werht, Dr rer pol Privatdozent at the Department of Economics at the University of Hamburg I. Typical situation The investor is regularly approached by a contact person with the aim of clarifying whether there is a general interest in saving taxes or in acquiring a property with […]

Risks associated with the investment and management of third-party funds

by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker ( On the duties of a lawyer and tax adviser in the management of third-party assets – in particular in the investment of wards’ money – in escrow or trust accounts Due to faulty investment advice […]

Comments on the liability of the insurance broker

by Johannes Fiala, lawyer Some brokers or investment advisors may hardly believe it: The BGH has in the last ten years practically fixed that these mentioned occupational groups are just as strictly responsible for handling errors, as for instance tax advisors and chartered accountants. The reform of the law of obligations since 01.01.2002 indicates that […]

Intermediary liability: bankruptcy due to incorrect investment advice

A must read for advisors, agents, brokers, employees of distribution companies, employees of insurance companies, partners and employees of credit institutions.   Intermediary liability: The early death of the investment advisor through bankruptcy due to incorrect investment advice!   New market development trends: The banking and investment scene is in a state of upheaval. The […]