Can the “New Social Partner Model Company Pension” prevent increasing old-age poverty?

– Which disadvantages even the new occupational pension scheme (bAV) does not eliminate –   Both the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BAMS) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) are currently interested in improving occupational pension schemes (bAV). On the one hand, there is the concept of a “new” implementation route via […]

What the tariff change broker never reveals and rarely knows

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has submitted a draft bill to transpose the EU Insurance Distribution Directive IDD into German law. Accordingly, the ban on commissions remains in force and in future there will be “fee-based insurance consultants The SHI system should become more attractive for the self-employed. In the guest article, attorney Dr. Fiala […]

Save taxes with Rürup pension?

The Rürup pension was sold as a tax-saving model in which savings made by paying insurance premiums during the savings phase are naturally pre-calculated by the agent. However, if documentation has been prepared at all, it often lacks the disadvantages of tax burdens in old age. The misadvice will already be that in old age […]

Managing directors and senior executives give away the insolvency protection of their pension scheme

If managing directors and senior executives have been promised their company pension scheme(bAV) as a pension commitment or direct commitment, in the vast majority of cases the existing reinsurance assets are not sufficient to fully finance the retirement benefits. Insofar as reinsurance – e.g. as life insurance or investment funds – are available, employers think […]