The fairy tale of the unprofitable German pension insurance scheme

– When a funded pension would be comparable –   The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRV) lets its insured know that voluntary contributions in particular lead to an annual pension of 5.18%. In many cases, it is nonsensical to compare returns, as this would require consideration of the increasing payouts, including increasing life expectancy. The answer […]

No State guarantee

The amount of the levies due when a “Riester pension” is paid seems unclear. Why the capital is not secure with this form of pension. In October 2008 the Chancellor said “We tell savers that their deposits are safe. The federal government also vouches for that.” – Which, for lack of a legal basis, is […]

Private pension schemes and creditor protection

Book by Christian Wollmann § 4 The protection against seizure according to § 815 c ZPO   Link: or in  

PKV: Impossible escape from rising premiums

There are many factors contributing to inflation in private health insurance. For example, charges for cross-subsidisation for the basic, standard and emergency tariffs. Those who have concluded their private health insurance before 01.01.2009 can also change to the standard tariff – the others only to the basic tariff. The lack of the insurer’s (VR) right […]

Occupational pension provision: The imperative of equal value – void occupational pension provision?

bAV-Handelsblatt Forum: Invalidity of deferred compensation Dr.Reinecke, chairman of the pension senate at the Federal Labour Court (BAG), has dropped the bomb. Its core statement is that contracts for the implementation of occupational pension schemes can be (partially) null and void. Insurance intermediaries are surprised – have they been brokering ineffective contracts for years? The […]

No secure supply

Why Rürup pensions are not protected against insolvency / Neither protected against seizure nor suitable for old-age provision   The Rürup pension is a typical tax-saving model. The seller’s trick is often to highlight the tax advantages at the beginning of the contract or in the savings phase, but to completely ignore the later risks […]