Subscription right in direct insurance

On the liability of insurance companies, agents and insurance brokers for incorrect design on the part of the legislator Insurance brokers have always had a particularly heavy responsibility towards their customers. In the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG), the legislator has expressly defined the liability of the insurance intermediary in §§ 59 ff. VVG.   […]

Contribution savings in the PKV with relief fund

Savings in private health insurance premiums with a provident fund / The emergency tariff makes it possible Around 5% of those insured with private health insurance (UN) are in social tariffs (standard tariff, emergency tariff, basic tariff), with an upward trend. In the emergency tariff, private health insurance policyholders with substantial premium arrears are “steered […]

Private health insurance (PKV) cuts dental laboratory costs to the level of statutory health insurance

– Judgement LG Aachen: Private health insurance and privately insured persons often only owe statutory health insurance prices –   Dentists joke about their patients “The earnings from a total renovation have been enough for generations to buy a new swimming pool”. However, a new ruling by the Aachen Regional Court (Ref. 11 O 367/10 […]