Unisex – and what else?

Insurers are beating the drum for year-end business and advertising early unisex solutions. However, some intermediaries have a completely different problem. Particularly in the day-to-day business and in compensation, things are really sticking. portfolio international explains how the biggest pitfalls in everyday sales can be avoided. Shortly before Christmas, a more than 100-year-old practice of […]

Client Information July 2008

Publisher: *by Dr. Johannes Fiala, Attorney at Law (Munich), MBA Financial Services (Univ.), MM (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), Banker (www.fiala.de), ehem. Member of the examination board of the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the expert examination of financial advisors for financial services and financial services specialists, lecturer for civil law and […]

Is an insurer or broker liable if its analysis software calculates incorrectly and consequently makes incorrect recommendations to the customer?

From the series of newsletters of the DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) Heidenheim on the topic “Mediation Law in Practice”:   At this point, lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala, https://www.fiala.de, lecturer for insurance law at the DHBW Heidenheim, will answer your questions. You can ask questions by sending an email to ott@dhbw-heidenheim.de.   In the case […]

Allegations of corruption in the insurance distribution of company pension plans

Allegations of corruption in the insurance distribution of company pension plans   The most recent investigations by the public prosecutor against insurance sales in connection with the bAV-IVECO affair weigh heavily: an insurance broker was able to bribe a confessed works council with six figures from lavish commissions presumably amounting to millions. The insurance industry […]