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Why Rürup pensions are not protected against insolvency / Neither protected against seizure nor suitable for old-age provision   The Rürup pension is a typical tax-saving model. The seller’s trick is often to highlight the tax advantages at the beginning of the contract or in the savings phase, but to completely ignore the later risks […]

Lawyer recommends to conclude basic pension (Rürup pension) explicitly with stupid insurance brokers

Rürup pension: As the first lawyer in Germany, the well-known Munich lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala expressly recommends the search for a stupid insurance agent. The statement is supported by the actuary and co-author Peter A. Schramm. This applies in particular to Rürup contracts, which promise attachment security during the savings phase. Ensure security against seizure […]

Are basic pensions unseizable?

Are Rürup or basic pensions attachable? And how are lawyers and insurance intermediaries liable for protection in the event of insolvency? These are the questions posed by attorney Dr. Johannes Fiala and Dipl.-Math. Peter A. Schramm in the guest article.   Rürup annuities or basic annuities are in principle not contractually inheritable, as agreed with […]

Save taxes with Rürup pension?

The Rürup pension was sold as a tax-saving model in which savings made by paying insurance premiums during the savings phase are naturally pre-calculated by the agent. However, if documentation has been prepared at all, it often lacks the disadvantages of tax burdens in old age. The misadvice will already be that in old age […]