The Rürup fallacy

Why additional private provision is no guarantee of good care in old age   In Germany there are currently 2.5 million people in need of long-term care. About 70% are cared for at home. The benefits of the statutory long-term care insurance in Germany are mostly at the level of a partial cover insurance. Better […]

Losses of up to more than 15 % on life insurance policies due to the stroke of the pen by the legislator

For more than 10 years, the yields of life insurance policies have been suffering from the low capital market interest rates. As a result, reductions of up to more than 30 % compared to the expectations raised until the turn of the millennium are the rule. However, customers with terminated or expired policies have been […]

Insurance fraud in connection with partial retirement, working time accounts and pension commitments via double trust (CTA)

Total loss in the case of partial retirement, working time accounts and pension commitments How directors, other officers, or self-employed agents completely lose their retirement benefits due to ineffective trust models.   The business model of renowned corporate consultants for occupational pension schemes (bAV) includes the provision of the reinsurance assets by means of a […]

BGH ruling calls into question insolvency security of supplementary pension scheme

The state allows up to 20,000 euros per person and assessment year to be partially deducted as special expenses for tax purposes in the case of private old-age provision through basic pension contracts. The prerequisite for this is, for example, that an exclusion of realisation is contractually agreed. This is intended to guarantee the insolvency […]

Safe savings models or money destruction?

After Riester and Rürup products for additional private old-age provision initially failed to sell, tax-saving effects and sales commissions were increased. Since then, more than ten million such contracts have been sold, most of which would not be profitable at all without the tax effect. However, more than one million such contracts have since been […]

Rürup pension is attachable

The Rürup pension or private basis pension was considered so far as a seizure-safe age precaution. It is mainly used by the self-employed. However, on 01.12.2011, the Federal Court of Justice ruled that full attachment protection must not be given in order not to restrict the protection of creditors’ property. A contractually stipulated exclusion of […]