Rürup capital as a pension factor – new view “Only the welfare level is protected from creditors”.

A new letter of the Federal Minister of Finance clarifies that saved Rürup capital cannot be withdrawn from the access of creditors. This results in a fundamentally new discussion situation with the insurance providers. Red. The fact that not only saved assets in a Rürup pension can be seized, but also the non-state-subsidised part of […]

Insurance bankruptcies despite bank bailout

Life insurance as a bet on lower surpluses or insolvency. Even if the banks are rescued by the state, the life insurers may have to pay for it with their own insolvency. At the very least, however, there is a threat of a reduction in surpluses and thus a lower pension provision for privately insured […]

Tax rate – the wrong instrument

The tax rate is often used for pension advice. This is an error of principle. The consequence of this: potential liability. At first glance, using a tax rate to calculate taxes seems like a magic bullet to simplify recording and calculation. A tax rate for the pension phase is assumed or, better, requested from the […]

Confusing old and new widow law

This is the first post in a series looking at advice failures in retirement planning. Users of consulting software can thus check their software for these errors. Last but not least, the legal consequences are shown. The series begins with a very common mistake – namely, the failure to distinguish between old and new widow/widower […]

Insolvency resistance of company pension schemes Tax consultants are liable for incorrect advice

Numerous rulings indicate how easily tax advisors can be held liable in connection with advice on occupational pension schemes (bAV). One of the key issues in advising business managers is the insolvency-proof nature of the provision – it is precisely on this point that insurance sales spread numerous legal inaccuracies. Therefore, typical liability traps and […]