BWF settlement: intermediaries may lose authorisation

The public prosecutor’s office is currently investigating the Berlin BWF Foundation for possible fraud. In a guest article for FONDS professionell ONLINE, Johannes Fiala and Peter A. Schramm explain that this case could also have consequences for brokers.   Financial investment advisors who have brokered products of the “Bund Deutscher Treuhandstiftungen” could lose their IHK […]

In focus: Liability traps for lawyers and tax advisors in connection with advice on occupational pension schemes

Insolvency risks – Authority to provide legal services – Insurance cover Occupational pensions are an important component of retirement provision. They obtain their complex position in the German legal system through the interdisciplinary interaction of the most diverse fields of law, which can easily become a liability trap for legal and tax advisors; the numerous […]

Tax evasion through net policy brokerage

Destruction of existence through liability for insurance and sales tax?   Since a ruling by the VG Frankfurt am Main, BaFin has no longer prosecuted violations by intermediaries of the commission fee ban, but insurers are still bound by it under supervisory law. Commissions can be up to more than 38 percent of the initial […]

The profession and remuneration of finance and insurance brokers in transition due to regulation

Selected challenges and megatrends in financial services distribution   The image of financial services sales of credit institutions and insurers has been suffering for years, especially due to TV documentaries about dubious business models or manipulation of interest rates, share prices and commodity prices. Product providers are also in the pillory, for example when up […]