Liability for pecuniary loss

The tax advisor is liable to his client if, for example, a fine is imposed on the client due to carelessness (BGH, judgement of 14.11.1996, ref. IX ZR 215/95; BGH, judgement of 15.04.2010, ref. IX ZR 189/09). Compensable damages would also include compensation for deprivation of liberty, the necessary bail and any resulting loss of […]

“Gang-related fraud” and false advice.

Incomplete voluntary disclosure and the consequences – When tax advisors can be liable under civil and criminal law alongside the tax evader (2)   The ongoing discussion about tax evasion and voluntary disclosures in the media and in politics, most recently fuelled by the trial of Uli Hoeneß, also draws attention to the work of […]

Life insurance for financing and in insolvency

Differences in family provision and succession arrangements at home and abroad   The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled in its judgment of 27 September 2012 (Case IX ZR 15/12) that the granting of an irrevocable subscription right – solely for the payment of a life insurance policy in the event of death – is […]

Black money and the consequences

Tax evaders face prison sentences starting at 50,000 euros Let’s not kid ourselves: Hunting and guns are popular men’s toys, and that’s where a lot of black money is spent by our customers, because they can’t put it into the regular economic cycle or – far more often – because the wives aren’t allowed to […]

White wash black money

Criminal offers from some financial houses. Why only the voluntary disclosure leads to the goal with assets over 50,000 euros.   There was no need for a political verbal attack on black money. This is because the ruling of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court of 5 March 2009 had already made “fi shing expeditions” possible […]