Unconstitutional taxation error

Tax evasion strategies put to the test Practical assistance in the evasion of income, especially from capital assets, has) apparently been part of the more or less tolerated business model of certain private banks, insurance companies, state banks or subsidiaries for decades. Abroad, such “institutions” are also called savings banks, institutions, trusts, cantonal banks, trustees […]

Black money in Liechtenstein

Since the beginning of the year and retroactively no more anonymity   In the case of ex-Deutsche Post AG executive Klaus Zumwinkel, the camera team was already in place before the raid began and when he left under police escort . ready. As a result, legally be able to clarify whether one may convict tax […]

prevent tax fraud

Investing money abroad could tempt people to break the law   MUNICH – Whoever moves his money abroad, for example into an Austrian private foundation or a Liechtenstein family foundation, can by no means be sure that the world income principle does not force him to declare it in Germany. Foreign investment opportunities could downright […]

Black money and the consequences

Tax evaders face prison sentences starting at 50,000 euros Let’s not kid ourselves: Hunting and guns are popular men’s toys, and that’s where a lot of black money is spent by our customers, because they can’t put it into the regular economic cycle or – far more often – because the wives aren’t allowed to […]

White wash black money

Criminal offers from some financial houses. Why only the voluntary disclosure leads to the goal with assets over 50,000 euros.   There was no need for a political verbal attack on black money. This is because the ruling of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court of 5 March 2009 had already made “fi shing expeditions” possible […]

Insurance premiums only partially tax-deductible

How detailed advice protects clients from the suspicion of tax evasion: Doctors, notaries, non-medical practitioners, lawyers, engineers, tax advisors, architects, auditors, psychotherapists and other health care professions are particularly affected.   In a ruling dated 20 May 2009, the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH, Ref. VIII R 6/07) confirmed its case law according to which the […]

Criminal investment schemes by financial houses for tax evaders

When customers complained to their “black money bank or insurance company”, especially because once again a CD-ROM with explosive data was offered for sale, the financial houses were happy to point out three alternatives.   First the voluntary disclosure, but that route would eat up all the assets, especially if significant investment losses and hefty […]