Revocation of insurance policies

Since a decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on 19 December 2013 (Case C-209), insurance customers are increasingly checking whether they can still revoke their insurance policies. The aim is to recover the insurance premiums paid or to unwind insurance policies with negative returns. Insurance companies have often failed to adequately and effectively […]

Subscription rights of life insurances – special features in the event of death, separation, divorce and insolvency

Many a policyholder decides too late on the possible change in the subscription right of his life insurance policy(ies). It is therefore important to think about the possible consequences at an early stage. The authors pointed out seven specific pitfalls. Red.   If the policyholder instructs his broker to change the subscription right, it is […]

Planning replaces chance with error

Death, divorce and insolvency – What happens to life insurance? Some policyholders (VN) decide too late that they would like to change the subscription right of a life insurance policy(ies). If the policyholder instructs his broker to make the change, it is important that this is regularly done in writing in accordance with the insurance […]