Why private basic pensions often lead to losses for policyholders

A marketing expert remarked: “The best marketing agency is in Berlin – that is, the government”. First came the Riester pension with subsidised allowances, then the increasingly tax-deductible basic pension – also known as the Rürup pension. One financial services provider said: “The shift from state to private retirement provision is a growth market for […]

Bundesfinanzhof: How to obtain insurance cover

The Federal Court of Finance (BFH, ruling of 07.12.2016, file no. II R 1/15) decided that when the policyholder (VN) provides insurance cover for any insured person (VP), the full, non-aggregated sales price counts as the assessment basis for the insurance tax (VSt): The prerequisite for this is that the insurer (VR) participates in the […]

Alternatives to wage compensation: damage to housekeeping, mobbing and maintenance

When are services tax-free and often overlooked by consultants ? Anyone who is reduced in earning capacity as a result of a third-party-induced damage to health receives compensation for this, which is taxable as it replaces earned income. However, for the reduced ability to carry out unpaid household work, he receives a tax-exempt loss of […]

Overview: These services are tax free

Wage tax and social security are at least as complicated as the taxation of the Mittelstands-GmbH. This is usually in the hands of tax clerks, who bear responsibility but are not allowed to advise alone. Up to more than 50 possibilities for tax-free or only flat-rate taxable benefits from the employer to his employees therefore […]