Up to more than 50 % less pension for chamber professionals

Around 90 pension funds, also known as pension chambers, are public corporations that collect funds from their “compulsory members” to build up a funded pension scheme. Past and foreseeable pension cuts challenge the system. The Higher Administrative Court of Lüneburg ruled that no compulsory member may stop paying contributions “because of an allegedly erroneous investment […]

So-called guaranteed benefits in the pension scheme are absolutely not guaranteed

– What life insurance companies and pension funds are hiding from premium payers –   Life insurance policies for occupational (bAV) and private (pAV) pensions, but also pension schemes, can provide far fewer benefits than promised or promised on paper. However, policyholders often have a claim for damages against the intermediaries and advisors or product […]

Statements in Insurance Industry No. 15

Re: VW 13/2013, Company & Markets, Health Miscounseling: In about 90 pension schemes, also called Versorgungskammer, chambered professionals regularly become compulsory members. Their entitlements to funded pensions have already fallen sharply compared with earlier commitments and will have to fall further if interest rates remain low. It would be a mistake to rely solely on […]