Statements in Insurance Industry No. 15

Re: VW 13/2013, Company & Markets, Health Miscounseling: In about 90 pension schemes, also called Versorgungskammer, chambered professionals regularly become compulsory members. Their entitlements to funded pensions have already fallen sharply compared with earlier commitments and will have to fall further if interest rates remain low. It would be a mistake to rely solely on […]

Why consulting is getting better

In the insurance industry, it’s not just products that have sounding titles, but also the people who sell them. They are called representatives, distributors, brokers or agents. What is behind these job titles has not always been clear to consumers until now. If you really wanted to be sure on whose account your counterpart was […]

Professional self-insurance or health support fund

– Supervision-free alternatives to private health insurance – I. Distinction from insurance business subject to prudential supervision A widespread – and erroneous – view is that anything that somehow falls within the scope of insurers’ activities must be insurance subject to licensing. Even very obvious examples show that this obviously cannot be the case. For […]

Stricter controls to protect consumers

Who was previously allowed to sell policies Who used to be allowed to sell policies If the insurance industry were to gather all its agents in one place – they could populate a city like Nuremberg. At present, a good 400,000 self-employed insurance intermediaries as well as around 7,000 professional brokers and a considerable number […]

The fairy tale of the “documentation and consultation waiver

The fairy tale of the “documentation and advice waiver” – a guide to the certain destruction of existence for almost every insurance broker * *by Dr. Johannes Fiala, lawyer (Munich), mediator (Univ.), MBA Financial Services (Univ.Wales), MM (Univ.), certified financial and investment advisor (A.F.A.), lecturer in civil law and insurance law (Univ. of Cooperative Education), […]

Labour costs as a source of tax savings

Munich: At the beginning of this year, the business capital tax was finally abolished, but there are still considerable uncertainties in tax planning – for example with regard to 620-mark jobs and night work supplements. In the following article, attorney Johannes Fiala* describes how considerable savings are possible under current law, not only for craftsmen […]