Insurance fraud in connection with partial retirement, working time accounts and pension commitments via double trust (CTA)

Total loss in the case of partial retirement, working time accounts and pension commitments How directors, other officers, or self-employed agents completely lose their retirement benefits due to ineffective trust models.   The business model of renowned corporate consultants for occupational pension schemes (bAV) includes the provision of the reinsurance assets by means of a […]

Tax fraud through working time accounts

Financial and tax advisors are not insured for legal advice and are liable for damages and for reversal. Long-term accounts / working time accounts for shareholder-managing directors Tax and financial advisors are always pleased when they can do something good for their clients. “Mr. Managing Director, save wage tax today – and retire earlier in […]

Interest for overtime

Sabbatical, further education or early retirement ? and without financial losses: working time accounts offer lucrative solutions for employees and companies. Although Deutsche Bank has not always had the best reputation when it comes to dealing with its own staff, it is one of the trendsetters when it comes to remuneration systems. Link to this […]

Insolvency resistance of company pension schemes Tax consultants are liable for incorrect advice

Numerous rulings indicate how easily tax advisors can be held liable in connection with advice on occupational pension schemes (bAV). One of the key issues in advising business managers is the insolvency-proof nature of the provision – it is precisely on this point that insurance sales spread numerous legal inaccuracies. Therefore, typical liability traps and […]

Liability traps with the time value account

Time value accounts and the models of partial retirement are paid by the Financial sales increasingly advertised. The financial intermediaries it’s mostly about commissions: The fewest intermediaries know about the civil and criminal law Liability risks for fiscal Consultants and the management the employer. In order to create an implementation channel for the company pension […]

occupational pension schemes: gaps in insurance cover for intermediaries, initiators and trustees

by Ralf W. Barth, pecuniary loss liability broker ( and Johannes Fiala, lawyer ( Practical gaps in the intermediary’s VSH protection: A short story starts with the statement of an insurer that only the advice of the employer in the occupational pension scheme is insured in the scope of coverage – but not the advice […]

BAV: Legal framework of fee-based consulting

Last Updated Saturday, August 18, 2007 Why fee-based consulting in BAV? In the company pension scheme, including e.g. the working time account (ZWK), the employer has numerous possibilities of liability. These include, for example, the “Zillmerungshaftung”, the “Ausfallhaftung” and the obligation to protect the gross salary saved together with the employer’s social security contribution against […]

Book tip: Partial retirement/time value account: Handbook for personnel and payroll practice (review)

*by lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala, MBA Financial Services (Univ. Wales), MM (Univ.), banker (IHK), certified financial and investment advisor (A.F.A.), lecturer for civil law and insurance law (Univ. of Cooperative Education) Practical guide Now in its 5th edition, this handbook provides an excellent overview of partial retirement, sometimes also referred to in practice as the […]

Beware of false advisers

As of 22 May 2007, insurance intermediaries subject to licensing must, among other things, possess a VSH. For months, a price war has been raging in order to win the loyalty of as many intermediaries as possible – and they obviously have more plans for their addresses later on. The offers of the pecuniary damage […]