Liability trap time value account

DSWR (Issue 4, 2006, pp. 98-100) *by Johannes Fiala, lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), certified financial and investment advisor (A.F.A.), EC expert (C.I.F.E.), banker ( On the risks for finance , tax advisors and employers Time value accounts and the models of partial retirement are increasingly advertised by financial sales. The financial intermediaries are […]

Company pension schemes, social security clearing, tax saving schemes: Liability brake by checking the permissibility of tax and legal advice !

Es ist verrückt, die Dinge immer gleich zu machen und dabei auf andere Ergebnisse zu hoffen. (Albert Einstein) In den letzten Jahren haben der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) und das Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVerfG) die Rechtsberatung massiv liberalisiert. Der Gesetzgeber plant weitere Erleichterungen auf Wunsch der Wirtschaft, durch das neue Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz (RDG). Für Finanzdienstleister ergeben sich dadurch neue Märkte: […]

Initiator support and controlling: Uninsured tax and legal advice ? Liability trap in distribution law

*by Johannes Fiala, lawyer (Munich), MBA Financial Services (Univ.Wales), MM (Univ.), certified financial and investment advisor (A.F.A.), banker ( The demarcation between business advisory and legal advisory activities is decisive for the question of what an initiator, a distributor and an intermediary may currently offer as a ?model or system? as their own or third […]

bAV: Time value account with CTA or pledge – The insolvency protection lie

by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker ( ) 6th implementation channel of the occupational pension scheme: The time value account has been praised as the Egg of Columbus. Above all, the option of later conversion into an occupational pension scheme makes the […]

occupational pension schemes: occupational pension schemes in “unrecognised insolvent” companies

*by Johannes Fiala, lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), ( and Diplom-Kaufmann (Univ.) Edmund J. Ranosch, financial analyst (Wöllstadt) Over-indebtedness and occupational pension schemes: Pursuant to section 19 para. 2 InsO, over-indebtedness exists if the debtor’s assets do not cover the existing liabilities. The decisive factor is that this cannot be read directly from either the commercial […]