Occupational pension provision – to be used with caution

The Federal Minister of Finance (BMF, letter dated 28.09.2017 – draft dated 04.10.2017) announced the future treatment of incorrectly structured occupational pension schemes (bAV): According to this, special payments by the employer in the event of calculation errors by the provider are liable to pay income tax for employees. Employers and employees are thus doubly […]

Variants of immoral insurance contracts

Insurance products supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) may also be null and void on the grounds of immorality. This then also applies to the contract with consultants and agents. The investor therefore has no claim to be protected from receiving false advice: A release from liability without any financial loss liability (VSH). […]

Private health insurance: emergency tariff ensures benefits in acute cases – even without payment of contributions.

Contribution saving in the private health insurance (PKV) with relief fund* – How not only standard and emergency tariff of the PKV must be improved. – Around 5% of those insured with private health insurance (UN) are in social tariffs (standard tariff, emergency tariff, basic tariff), with an upward trend.   In the emergency tariff, […]

Can the “New Social Partner Model Company Pension” prevent increasing old-age poverty?

– Which disadvantages even the new occupational pension scheme (bAV) does not eliminate –   Both the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BAMS) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) are currently interested in improving occupational pension schemes (bAV). On the one hand, there is the concept of a “new” implementation route via […]

How safe are the money deposits…..

Under no circumstances can the security system withstand every conceivable financial crisis. At the very most, however, the supervisory authority is entitled to contractually guaranteed. further reduce benefits and accumulated surpluses to bring them back into line with diminished capital. In the most extreme case, this could lead to that life insurance savers lose more […]