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  • Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG),
  • Rules of Professional Conduct of Lawyers in the European Community (CCBE),
  • Law on the activities of European lawyers in Germany (EuRAG),
  • The Federal Lawyers´Act,
  • Law Implementing the Directives of the European Community pertaining to the professional law regulating the legal profession,
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG): Internal security measures – Order of the Federal Bar Association according to § Article 9 paragraph. 4 Clause 2 AMLA (BRAK-Mitt. 2009, 21 f.),
  • Recommendations for lawyers with regard to the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG) and money laundering, § 261 StGB,
  • List of equivalent third countries by §§ Article 5 paragraph. 2 No. 1 and 3, 6 paragraph. 2 No. 2, 7 par.1 and Article 12, paragraph. 1 No 2 and 4 AMLA and Summary record,
  • Guidelines of the Austrian Bar Association, to be read at
  • Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG),
  • Implementing Regulation (DVStB),
  • Tax consultant fee regulation (StBGebV),
  • Professional code of conduct of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants (BOStB),
  • Technical adviser order, to read up under
  • Auditors’ Code (WPO),
  • Public Accountant Act (WPO),
  • Auditor Professional liability insurance regulation (WPBHV),
  • Ordinance on the Auditing of Auditors (WiPrPrüfV),
  • Ordinance on the Crediting of Auditors’ Exams (WPAnrV),
  • Professional statutes for auditors/sworn auditors (BS WP/vBP),
  • Statutes for quality control,
  • Rules of Procedure Special investigations irrespective of the cause,
  • Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 17th 2006 (Statutory Audit Directive),
  • Recommendation of the EU Commission of May 6th 2008 on external quality assurance for statutory auditors and audit firms that audit public interest entities
  • Recommendation of the EU Commission of June 5th 2008 on the limitation of the civil liability of statutory auditors and audit firms. Read more at

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In publications we generally use the masculine form of personal names for reasons of reading flow. In principle, this means women and men – if the content is applicable.