Press & Public Relations

Please contact us if you have any requests or questions, if you would like to make arrangements for contributions, interviews, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, lectures, etc. You can also send us your request by e-mail or contact Ms. Fiala directly.

Phone: 089/17 90 90-0
Extension: 089/17 90 90-35
Fax: 089/17 90 90-70

Lectures, workshops, seminars

Target groups for our contributions to events are in particular:

  • Industry associations
  • Specialist publishers
  • Financial and investment intermediaries
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Municipal institution and state authority
  • Capital investors, donors
  • Credit Industry
  • Brokers and Pools
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Press Club
  • Private educational institutions, seminar organisers
  • Universities
  • Management Consultant
  • Consumer protection associations
  • Insurance Industry
  • Sales companies
  • Insurance Broker
  • Trade associations
  • Economic Forum

Typical topics of our lectures, workshops and seminars are

  • Pension scheme for managing director shareholders? Insolvency protection abroad
  • Pension advice and liability issues
  • Labour and social law in insolvency
  • Asset protection: risk management and asset protection, bankruptcy privilege over insurance shells, foundation and trust
  • Asset and risk management for family businesses
  • Waiver of advice and protocols in sales
  • Company pension scheme, employer liability
  • Company and private pension schemes in insolvency
  • British and German life insurance
  • Documentation in financial sales and distribution
  • Heirs, gifts, estate planning
  • EU directives (distance selling, insurance mediation, financial sales, MiFiD)
  • Deposit protection and bankruptcy risks
  • Family law, pension schemes, patient will
  • Faulty sales concepts, AGB clauses, kick-back liability in Germany and Switzerland
  • Financial planning and ward security
  • Liability law for financial service providers, insurance agents, insurance brokers
  • Liability management for company managers
  • Insolvency protection for business and private assets
  • Office organization, quality management
  • Investment risks for founders and foundations
  • Life insurance as a tax-saving model
  • Pension commitment as a liability case: tax consultant liability, agent liability, reform of the law of obligations and contract drafting
  • Software protection, computer crime
  • Transparency and liability in fund distribution
  • Liability of intermediaries and investment advisors
  • Asset management at home and abroad
  • Financial loss liability insurance
  • Distribution law and distribution liability
  • Interest rate differential transactions and disclosure obligations

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