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Banking law: errors in advice, credit traps and more

As a lawyer for banking law, I know that a bank has been part of our daily life since our earliest childhood. Just remember your first savings book, which you probably got at primary school from the nice savings bank advisor next door. We withdraw money, transfer bills and in the course of our lives we turn to the with a variety of concerns. Bank of our trust. We try toinvest our assets profitably, to secure our families and ourselves for old age and other eventualities and of course the financing of a home of one’s own is also on the long list of classical banking transactions with which we as private customers turn to our bank.

But it is not only as an employee that you are bound to a bank in many areas of life. The entrepreneurs among you know the visit to the bank only too well when it comes to financing new investments for the company with a bank loan or to bridge and compensate an economic imbalance with the support of a bank.

Very few people know exactly what a bank does, how financial markets work and which investments make sense and really bring security and return. The fact is, a bank is not a welfare company and of course, like any other company, it is profit-oriented. Increased pressure to succeed among bank advisors, a large number of different and financial products that require explanation, as well as entanglements of the international financial markets that are difficult to assess, make it difficult for laypersons to make good investment decisions. Benefit from my many years of experience as a lawyer for banking law and get expert and independent advice before your capital investment or borrowing.

I’ll be glad to wait on you!

As an attorney for banking law, I support you in transactions with your bank as follows:

  • Comparison of investments and loan offers
  • Economic analysis and evaluation of your portfolio structure
  • Advice on the selection of a suitable bank and/or insurer
  • Review of so-called prospectus reports
  • Analysis of tax reports on investment models
  • Advice on minimising losses on capital investment
  • Individual checklist for the investment planning
  • Large network of private experts and experts

Have you been deceived or cheated by your bank?

At the latest the financial crisis of 2008, with its thousands of cheated bank customers worldwide, has severely shaken the confidence in banks among the general population. advisory errors, faulty loans and untransparent snowball systems led to financial problems for investors worldwide and left many a saver and small investor with financial nothing. Unfortunately, little has changed in the financial sector since then and the chaos of that time seems to have been quickly forgotten by the responsible actors.

Banks have always attracted us with always new products, unmaintainable promises of interest or loans. The fundamental trust in our bank advisors, which has often grown over decades, is rarely questioned. If something should have gone wrong, I experience again and again with my clients that only very late in the day, for reasons of shame, is a targeted defence against it.

If you have the suspicion that something is not right with your capital investment, your credit or other banking transactions, do not hesitate to act as quickly as possible. Many measures that secure at least part of their assets, are often temporary, such as holding a bank advisor liable or claiming damages. I would be pleased to take a close look at your documents and advise you comprehensively, if necessary in cooperation with a qupdated network of specialists.

As an attorney for banking law I represent your interests towards your bank:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your documents concerning your capital investment
  • Expert assessment of your actual situation
  • solution approaches for strategic and tactical action
  • Examination of claims for damages
  • Litigation for the enforcement of compensation and reversal
  • Design and testing of models for asset protection in retirement provision (“Asset-Protection”)
  • Redevelopment of investments in case of imbalance

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