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Legal advice for your private pension provision

Private pension provision and its pitfalls

Anyone who wants to take out insurance for old age cannot afford to ignore a private pension plan today. The standard of living with the statutory pension in the future is doubtful. A well thought-out concept for a private pension scheme is therefore equally important for self-employed and employees. However, given the large number of offers, it is difficult to maintain an overview and find a suitable provision model for the individual life situation. More and more often we see that our clients are dissatisfied with their already concluded contracts and the expected services. Furthermore, a large number of the contracts concluded do not meet the legal requirements or do not fit the life situation of the clients concerned.

How we can provide you with legal support for your private pension provision:

As a matter of principle we check the insurance documents of your existing contracts in a first step. In a further step, which should not be neglected, we take from your descriptions how the brokerage of the contracts expired. Does this show deficits or gaps? For example, our clients often lack necessary documents, such as the documentation required by law since 21.5.2007.

How can you free yourself from disadvantageous contracts?

There are various parameters that can be set after a detailed assessment: consultant liability, agent liability, agent liability, broker liability, reversal of the transaction, as well as revocation of contracts. For example, advice is only correct if it is both complete and complete. Frequent deficits are in the area of the disbursement phase. The economic view is often also deficient: one should not expect asset growth if banks and insurance companies cannot even generate positive interest rates on the capital market. This applies in particular if the expected administrative costs are between 1% and 2% higher annually and acquisition costs are also incurred.

At the beginning, we clarify the legal situation you are in and show you the prospects of success and how to proceed.

Holistic advice on retirement planning:

As a law firm, we look at things on the basis of our many years of economic experience.
Accordingly, we will not only advise you on legal issues concerning existing contracts, but will also show you further possibilities to structure your private pension plan according to your life circumstances.

Our services for private retirement provision as a law firm:

  • Advice on insurance law
  • Advice on pension models
  • Explanation of funding and investment models
  • Consulting on the subject of foundations, trust & Co.
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Advice on individual life annuity planning

Summary on private pension provision:

Die Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Johannes Fiala berät Sie umfassend zu allen Themen, die Ihre private Altersvorsorge betreffen. We will check your current pension situation and analyse your existing contracts. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to obtain comprehensive advice from us on other pension models. Of course, we will take on your mandate to enforce any legal claims eventual legal claims also in court. Contact us without obligation and describe your current situation.

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