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Mediation is an out-of-court form of conflict resolution and differs from the classic legal process in that it aims at a mutually satisfactory settlement of disputes through flexible and creative solutions.

Often judgments come to an “all or nothing” solution, as mediating, factual approaches cannot be based on a legally sound foundation. This does not do justice to many sometimes complex situations, so that neither party is really satisfied with the outcome of the dispute. Here, interest-oriented results can be found by means of mediation, the aim of which is a constructive conflict resolution and the creation of a “win-win situation”.

The aim is to bring about an agreement in the interests of all parties involved based on the decisive interests. By bringing together often hidden but nevertheless existing commonalities in the factual conflict of interests, each side can emerge from the conflict as a winner, unlike in court. A solution found in this way regularly meets with more acceptance than, for example, a court decision and can thus serve as the basis for a future mutually beneficial cooperation and/or life.

Within the framework of mediation, we support all parties involved in conflict resolution through structured negotiation and encourage them to independently develop their own approach to a solution.

Whether, for example, in conflicts within families or in the company: In disputes, the positions and arguments of the parties involved, which are often unheard, are worked out by mediation and presented to the other party, thus promoting mutual understanding. Instead of blocking each other, new trust can be built up so that people can work together again, not against each other.

The motto is: everyone is a winner, no one is a loser.

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