Attorney Tax Law Munich

Attorney Tax Law Munich

Your lawyer for tax law: How we support our clients in the tax jungle

German tax law is one of the most complex tax systems in the world, even if the often quoted story of the most comprehensive tax literature in the world is probably a bourgeois Moravia.

As Attorney for tax law we offer our clients full-service support and advise private as well as business clients in all matters of tax law. To our
One of our special services is the direct link between our legal expertise in the various fields of law and the services of a classical tax office.
With more than 28 years of experience, we not only advise and support our clients in their recurring daily business in the sense of a classical tax advisor, but also regularly analyse their financial situation and their financial situation.
complex tax situations, which, for example, concern complex company structures or cross-border company transactions . Furthermore, we review both private and business actual situations , develop independent tax design concepts and, if necessary, represent your interests at the competent tax offices or in court.

Almost every day we experience that a professional and comprehensive approach to the topic of taxes is still perceived as an annoying evil and is accordingly treated as a stepmother. We are happy to support you in the areas relevant to tax law
to structure for you and also to advise you on comprehensive structures or international tax law issues.

Below you will find a selection of our services relating to tax advice and tax law. If your special case is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anwalt für Steuerrecht: Range of services for entrepreneurs

  • Individual design of control design concepts
  • Tax advice in national and international tax law, including foreign companies
  • tax law advice for company relocation abroad
  • social security law including status determination
  • Traditional tax consultant activities for companies: accounting, bookkeeping (financial accounting, payroll accounting) annual accounts, trade tax,
    corporation tax
  • Advice on the acquisition or the sale of commercial real estate
  • Unabhängige Analyse und Begutachtung von Steuergutachten bei Kapitalanlagen zur Betriebsrente
  • Tax advice for commercial letting of real estate
  • Use of depreciation, reserves, investment deductions, §6b reserves or reserves for replacement purchases
  • Legal and tax advice on the choice of legal form for company formation, merger orconversion
  • Tax optimisation for asset transfers e.g. in the area of inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Legal advice on pending transfer of business and company succession
  • Tax advice in the event of imminent discontinuation of business and disposal of business
  • Competent examination of previous tax advice and, if necessary in Recovery of the tax consultant
  • Advice on hidden tax liabilities and on later fulfilment of declaration obligations

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of tax law for our clients and will also act for you in a cross-system and interdisciplinary manner.
Take with us now without obligation contact on.

Lawyer for tax law: Services for private individuals

  • Classical tax consultancy services
  • Advice on insolvency
  • Legal support in the event of a voluntary disclosure at black money abroad
  • Tax and economic analysis of investment products
  • Reverse transaction and process management
  • Consulting and creation of individual control design concepts
  • Advice on the purchase and sale or the rental or self-use of real estate
  • Tax advice for employees in the case of severance pay, reduced taxation, outplacement, stock options, monetary benefits
  • Legal and tax advice on the transfer of assets (inheritance tax and gift tax)
    and effective use of exemptions
  • Regulation of own discount
  • Advice on inheritance tax and tax-neutral money in the estate
  • Tax advice on the choice of assessment form and tax class for married couples to minimize income tax
  • Verification of tax assessments => Filing of appeals or amendments
  • Representation in tax matters with tax authorities

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