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Investment law: Ask at the right time

The investor protector Heinz Gerlach (*1945, +2010) once said that the typical investor at the regulars’ table only has three questions:

First question: The investor waves various prospectus documents and asks “Is that something?”
Second question: “And what’s the best?”
Third question (usually after months or years): “What is the best way to get out of it now?”

To put this short anecdote in a nutshell for you: Many investments do not deliver what you promise. Capital and financial investments are usually highly complex products, which are accompanied by an enormous need for explanation for investors.
As is so often the case, the real problem does not lie in the products for investment itself, but in the fact that in the rarest cases the countless investment products are put through their paces or even questioned by investors. Glossy brochures such as convincing financial advisors and brokers often deceive about the actual potential of a money investment way.

The disadvantages of a financial investment or eventual risks are often neglected or dismissed as unlikely during a consultation. The distribution of investments is a flourishing business that is determined by commissions and deals. Most investment products bind their investors for many years and often make an exit from the chosen financial product difficult or even impossible. Another aspect that is often overlooked by investors is no less serious: not every investment is suitable for every type of investor . The offer is overwhelming and mostly opaque for people from outside the industry. So ask in good time before you decide on a capital investment.
We will be happy to advise you!

How we support you as a lawyer in investment law:

  • Comparison of investments and insurance offers
  • Advice on the selection of a suitable bank and/or insurer
  • Support in the selection of a asset manager (so-called Beaty contest)
  • Support in the selection of a protector to protect your interests
  • Review of so-called prospectus reports
  • Analysis of tax reports on investment models
  • Advice on minimising losses on capital investment

What to do if you have been cheated or deceived as an investor

You are an investor and feel deprived of your investment? You were promised more by your financial advisor or intermediary ? Do not simply accept your losses. They usually have a good chance of redress from those responsible.
The distribution of a financial product involves a number of different actors who can potentially be held liable. In addition to the financing bank, trustees, consultants, agents, notaries, property developers, rent guarantors, initiators, and structural sales organizations are also possible for the assertion of your legal claim. Often the possibility is also overlooked that those involved in the prospectus preparation may be held liable if the prospectus is incorrect or misleading. Thus, the circle of potentially liable persons extends to, for example, lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and engineers.

As a lawyer in investment law we support you as follows:

  • Comprehensive analysis of all documents relating to the investment concerned
  • Expert assessment of the actual situation
  • Provision of solution approaches for a strategic and tactical approach
  • Examination of claims for damages
  • Litigation for the enforcement of damages and rescission
  • Design and testing of models for asset protection in old-age provision (“Asset-Protection”)
  • Redevelopment of investments in case of imbalance

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