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More wealth in a planned and controlled manner

The own assets in a planned and future-oriented management as well as value-enhancing and risk-optimized investment requires the highest degree of Knowledge and Time. Not everyone who has made it to a certain fortune is also a finance or controlling expert and so it is advisable to bring independent expertise and external know-how on board in order to optimum results in the to achieve anincrease in assets.

At the beginning of every planned financial investment is the fundamental analysis of the current situation. In this process, all relevant assets are closely examined and a risk analysis is carried out, taking into account the risk appetite for financial and capital investments . Only when this analysis has been completed should the definition of risk management objectives and the elaboration of a sophisticated risk management strategy for different investment areas be started. The aspect of liquidation always plays a role here and the so-called liquidity risk must be taken into account when drawing up the risk strategy.

A detailed financial plan provides the appropriate basis for a professional financial and investment strategy . Legal and tax aspects should also be included in this overall planning. Regular monitoring of the respective risk parameters helps to identify losses and risks at an early stage. This is of crucial importance in order to take countermeasures at an early stage and thus prevent a loss of assets or to choose alternative investment strategies.

We provide you with comprehensive, independent advice and support you with our network in the planned investment of your assets. Of course, we also advise you on ongoing investment transactions and assist you with legal and tax issues. Constant monitoring and professional controlling are our hallmarks. We continuously monitor the financial markets for our clients and compare investment products for them. It is of particular importance to our clients that we work with them on a fee-only basis, without hidden commissions or links to financial institutions .

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For our clients we are active in:

  • Risk management consulting
  • Independent advice on capital investments in the context of tax optimisation
  • Independent comparative advice on financing conditions in the context of tax optimisation and legal risks
  • Conception and planning of investment strategies in close cooperation with our network
  • Independent advice on investments with regard to comparative analysis of legal and tax risks
  • Support for beauty contests for administrator selection
  • Advice on the protection of occupational and private pensions
  • Controlling of asset managers via controlling authority
  • Monitoring of investment guidelines
  • Legal and tax advice

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