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Inheritance law: Advice and support on inheritance

The subject of inheritance and bequeathing is as old as mankind itself and the subject Erbrecht is an extremely sensitive and complex area. Only a few people deal extensively with the subject of bequests during their lifetime and often leave their heirs more trouble than assets. Everybody knows the stories from their own family or even from their close environment, where the fight for the estate has destroyed friendships and whole families. It is generally known that “friendship” ends with the heir and the dear money.

In order to prevent this from happening to our clients, we support and advise them in ensuring clear and orderly conditions for the planning of the estate. Appropriate precautions must be taken early and in a legally compliant manner, as it were, in the private as in the business environment. We help them to choose the right provision system and, together with them, design wills and inheritance contracts. Also entrepreneurs who are planning the topic of business succession, we stand by them with advice from the very beginning and plan together with them all contingencies for a regulated business succession or inheritance of business assets.

Often clients only contact our office when there are disputes about inheritance regarding estate administration. For example, in the case of community of heirs, the heirs often disagree with each other, or there are no precise instructions from the bequeatherer as to how the money should be given, according to the motto “after me the Sinflut”. Furthermore, a distribution of assets beyond the obligatory portion is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the benefit entitlement of life insurance policies. For example, different parties within a community of heirs often attempt to revoke any benefits in order to increase their own share. Also the personal connection to possible property, such as real estate, always offers great potential for dispute among the heirs, especially if debt or a payment of the other heirs plays a role.

Last but not least, heirs and bequeathors should not ignore the theme of taxes and gift. We will advise you in advance and comprehensively on the subject of inheritance taxes at home and abroad and will also provide you with comprehensive support on this subject in the event of any problems.

As a lawyer for Erbecht, I can support you on the subject of inheritance law and pension plans:

  • Drafting of wills and leave-in agreements
  • Advice and representation of heirs
  • inheritance tax, including foreign assets
  • Dealing with black money and mailbox companies
  • Power of attorney, care order, patient will
  • Anticipated succession, including trust
  • Advice on business succession
  • Precautionary advice

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