Asset Management

Those who want to know that their private assets, those of a foundation or even of an institution are in good hands and who themselves have little understanding of capital preservationand protection, can assign this task to a so-called asset manager. Asset management, a professional title that is largely unprotectedorunregulated in Germany, defines a service that deals with the management of assets.

The management activity of an asset manager includes the independent initiation of and responsibility for investment decisions. In coordination with the client and the respective objectives, short-, medium- and long-term investment strategies were to be developed and the assets were to be invested in various areas in order to optimize returns. These depend very much on the client’s risk tolerance and the assets to be managed. These may be real estate, products of the financial markets or other investments in Switzerland or abroad.

When choosing an asset manager, you should exercise caution and carefully consider to whom you entrust your assets. In principle, however, anyone can take on this activity. However, anacquaintance of the family who speculates on the stock market as a sideline should not be the first choice, even if there is a good relationship of trust.

If you are currently thinking about entrusting a wealth manager with the care and management of your assets, try to soberly and neutrally examine the qualifications of the candidates in addition to their trustworthiness. Managing an estate is time-consuming and requires in-depth knowledge of investment strategies, tax law and economics. You are best advised if, when making your choice, you can exclude as far as possible that your own financial interests stand in the way of your investment interests. This could be the case, for example, with institutional financial service providers and banks offering comparable services.

If you have any questions about wealth management or you are looking for wealth management support, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

For our clients we work for:

  • Yield increase through tax optimization
  • Advice on asset planning and investment strategies
  • Legal advice on liability issues of the asset manager
  • Development of contractual concepts and investment guidelines
  • Advice on the settlement of estates
  • Execution of wills
  • Controlling and monitoring of asset managers
  • Advice after loss of assets and on the subject of recourse

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