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Book tips Fiala, Financial investments for wards and persons under guardianship

Bundesanzeiger publishing house, Cologne 2004, 29.80 EURO, ISBN 3-89817-399-2...

Company pensioners in the rain

The national implementation of the EU Conversion Directive facilitates...

Direct insurance: Weak financial test

Flexibility and guaranteed pension levels alone are important to...

What’s behind the Union Berlin sponsor Aroundtown

SWR Plusminus from September 2019 Link youtube: http:/  


Lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala shocks wealthy entrepreneurs! published on...

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TV / Radio

Broadcast from 13.01.2020, 22.00 – 22.45
Topic: The interest tricks of the savings banks
Audio link:

Sendung vom 18.09.2019, 21.45 Uhr
Theme: Aroundtown and the trail to Cyprus

Broadcast from 25.01.2019, 18.30
Subject: Housing cooperatives
Audio link:

SWR / Marktcheck
Broadcast from 04.12.2018 (with “RA Dr. Joachim Fiala”)
Topic: When insurance companies cancel with customers.
Audio link:

BR / Controversial
Broadcast from 27.06.2018
Topic: Real estate transactions: Russian oligarch on shopping tour in Germany

The first / plus minus
Broadcast from 16.05.2018
Topic: Real estate transactions: Russian oligarch on shopping tour in Germany?


BR / Geld und Leben
Sendung vom 31.03.2016
Subject: Money back from the bank? Here’s how you do it.
Audio link:

BR / Money and life
Broadcast from 15.10.2015
Topic: Bavaria’s billionaires: Does wealth make you happy?

BR / Money and life
Broadcast from 05.02.2015
Topic: Madness – trouble with company pension

ZDF / Frontal 21
Broadcast from 08.12.2014
Topic: Scandal: Taxes and social security contributions are incurred for company pensions and direct insurance.
Audio link:

ARD guide money
Broadcast from 05.04.2014
Topic: Finally getting out of life insurance
Audio link:

NDR / Info Radio
Broadcast from 04.12.2013
Topic: Insurance overcoats

ZDF / Frontal21
Broadcast from 29.10.2013
Topic: Disappointed expectation – losses in occupational pensions
Audio link:

Südwestrundfunk / Report Mainz
Broadcast from 13.11.2012
Topic: Silenced in a psychiatric hospital: A man is put away because he uncovered dark transactions of a bank
Audio link:
Link to this article:

ARD guide money
Broadcast from 08.06.13
Topic: Interest rate reduction, how debtors can benefit?

German Radio
Broadcast from 23.10.2012
Topic: Billions and tax-privileged
Info text and podcast:

PlusMinus (ARD)
Broadcast from 11.01.2012
Caution with combined contract for real estate credit and life insurance

Frontal21 (ZDF)
Broadcast from 21.06.2011
Subject: Social security contributions for direct insurance
Info text and podcast:

Profit – The Business Magazine (WDR 5)
Broadcast from 07.01.2011 at 18:05
Subject: News from BayernLB

Money & Life – The Social Magazine (BR)
Broadcast from 13.12.2010
Topic: Tips for company pension schemes

Money & Life – The Social Magazine (BR)
Broadcast from 29.11.2010
Topic: Who does not have to pay health insurance contributions for company pension schemes

Munich Report (ARD)
Broadcast from 18.10.2010
Topic: Trickery in company pension schemes

RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg) – RBB Info Radio
Broadcast from 04.05.2010
Subject: Attachment of the Rürup pension

SF Review (SF I)
Broadcast from 14.04.2010
Subject: Bankruptcy of a UBS client: Internal document admits errors

ARD Guide: Money (ARD)
Broadcast from 27.03.2010
Topic: Insurance annoyance – premium refunds in case of payment by instalments

Explosive (MDR, ARD)
Broadcast from 25.03.2010
Topic: 60 million euros gone – pensioner fears for his retirement

TalkDaily (TeleZüri Switzerland)
Broadcast from 08.03.2010
Topic: Declaration of war on UBS – from millionaire to bankrupt

Turntable (ZDF)
Broadcast from 04.03.2010
Topic: Payment by instalments for insurance companies

ZDF Reporter (ZDF)
Broadcast from 04.03.2010
Topic: Fictitious residence in Switzerland – The role of banks in tax evasion

Money & Life (BR)
Broadcast from 01.03.2010
Topic: Yield killer Switzerland – Why black money does not pay off

Report Mainz (ARD)
Broadcast from 01.03.2010
Topic: How Swiss banks lure German millionaires into fraud
Info text:

Tagesthemen (ARD)
Broadcast from 11.02.2010
Topic: Help with tax evasion: Swiss banks help German clients to evade taxes

SF Review (SF I)
Broadcast from 03.02.2010
Topic: German millionaire unpacks

SF Newsreel (SF I)

Broadcast from 03.02.2010
Topic: A German millionaire unpacks – German UBS client is taxed by Zurich tax office
Info text:

le journal (TSR)
Broadcast from 03.02.2010
Topic: La guerre fiscale franchit un nouveau seuil: un client allemand se return contre l’UBS

PlusMinus (ARD)
Broadcast from 12.01.2010
Topic: Money back from the insurance
Info text:

PlusMinus (ARD)
Broadcast from 01.09.2009
Topic: Life insurance – Beware of high commissions!

Report Mainz (SWR)
Broadcast from 06.04.2009
Topic: Fight against tax havens

RBB Department of Economics
Broadcast of 25.02.2009 Vis-à-vis – today in discussion
Topic: Who burned our money – practice in financial and investment fraud

SF Review (SF I)
Broadcast of 25.02.2009, with Pierre Mirabaud, Pres. d. Bankers’ Association
Topic: Pressure on banking secrecy – What Switzerland has overslept

BR Lunch Magazine (BR)
Broadcast from 20.01.2009
Topic: More rights for employees on company pensions

RTL Current (RTL)
Broadcast from 04.06.2008
Topic: Insurance cover for storm and flood

The Reporters (ZDF)
Broadcast from 28.02.2008
Topic: Is it illegal to invest money abroad?

Radio World (Bavaria 2)
Broadcast from 26.02.2008
Subject: Black money in the estate

Money Guide (BR)
Broadcast from 14.07.2007
Topics: Retirement provisions: What services the employer has to provide, accident insurance: How tricky insurers are, borrowing: How to secure favourable interest rates, current account: Favourable offers without pitfalls

Radio station KW

Broadcast from 21.03.2007
Topic: Dignified dying process and prevention for patients

Wide awake (transmitter KW)
Broadcast from 22.02.2007
Topic: living will and precaution

plus minus (ARD)
Broadcast from 19.09.2006
Subject: Company pensions – compensation for employees

Law and law (
Broadcast from 31.08.2006
Subject: Financing – discussions with the bank

Law and law (
Broadcast from 31.08.2006
Topic: Company pension scheme

Law and law (
Broadcast from 31.08.2006
Subject: Limited – an alternative to the GmbH

Law and law (
Broadcast from 31.08.2006
Topic: Account check – what offices are allowed to ask

Law and law (
Broadcast from 31.08.2006
Topic: More money from life insurance

Law and the law (
Broadcast from 24.05.2006
Topic: Vaccination for banks – source of danger for your bank

heute (ZDF)
Broadcast from 05.03.2006
Topic: Hard times for GmbH bosses

Fly (The First)
Broadcast on Wednesday, 07.09.2005, 15:00
Topic: Scandal ! My home is going under the hammer – foreclosure

Steam radio – the senior citizens’ magazine (Radio Jade)
Broadcast from 07.04.2005
Topic: Court approvals for care and guardianship
Moderator: Michael Diers

Fly (The First)
Broadcast on Wednesday, 08.09.2004, 15 hrs
Topic: I have arranged everything – will & Co

Notebook (Bavaria 2)
Broadcast from 30.10.2003, 10.00-12.00
Topic: Money investment/capital investment for ward and assisted persons (Publisher: Bundesanzeiger)

File01 (SAT.1)
Broadcast of 28.08.2001
Topic: Scrap real estate – financed capital investment as liability trap
Editor: Ulrich Meier
Followed by an internet chat with Mr. Fiala as an expert

The network (ZDF)
Broadcast from the year 1999
Topic: Credit fraud by a bank on investments
Editor: Jens Monath

Broadcast from the year 1999
Topic: Scrap real estate
Editor: Frenzel

The reporters (pro7)
Broadcast of 22.10.1998
Topic: “Real Estate Scandal: The Rip-off Cartel”
Followed by meetings in the tz and the Berliner Morgenpost, among others

Broadcast of 30.11.1998
Topic: Scrap real estate
Moderator: Kai Dietrich

Focus TV (PRO7)
Broadcast from the year 1998
Topic: Real estate trap (RTL)
Broadcast in 1997
Subject: Guarantees
Moderator: Günther Jauch

Broadcast from 29.07.1996
Subject: ASS Altenburg Stralsunder Spielkarten AG – Main Assembly

Broadcast of 26.06.1995
Topic: Twenty-one – Family Time Heirs, bequeathing, giving
Focus on estate administration and inheritance law

Broadcast of 13.09.1993
Topic: Twenty-one – Family Time Heirs, bequeathing, giving
Focus on provision

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