Supermarkets are pushing into insurance sales

Policy sale next to the deposit machine? Why not! Lawyer Johannes Fiala and actuary Peter A. Schramm explain how discounters and full-range retailers could circumvent the strict rules for insurance brokerage.   Insurance intermediaries have to face growing competition from online comparison portals and brokers as well as direct insurers. Tech giants like Google and […]

BDSG trap? Mediation with electronic signature

Concluding contracts with insurance companies and credit institutions, for example by means of touch input on a tablet computer or other systems for electronic signatures, has been on the rise for years. In the foreground is the effort to save the printing of documents – including online consulting as a distance business. However, a data […]

Duties that no one can escape

By answering important practical questions on broker liability, we continue our series on common or typical advisory errors in the brokerage of private health insurance.   Resourceful brokerage advisors recommend not documenting advice at all. This is harmful because malicious lawyers will find a reason for the broker’s liability in any documentation, no matter how […]

Procurement of insurance cover – without insurance mediation

Freedoms outside the regulation of insurance mediation   No insurance mediation without mediation of an insurance contract The implementation of the Insurance Mediation Directive has created professional regulations for the profession of insurance intermediary (agent or broker) and insurance advisor. New is the overlapping of the permission for insurance consultation by insurance brokers in § […]