Statements in Insurance Industry No. 15

Re: VW 13/2013, Company & Markets, Health Miscounseling: In about 90 pension schemes, also called Versorgungskammer, chambered professionals regularly become compulsory members. Their entitlements to funded pensions have already fallen sharply compared with earlier commitments and will have to fall further if interest rates remain low. It would be a mistake to rely solely on […]

BGH ruling calls into question insolvency security of supplementary pension scheme

The state allows up to 20,000 euros per person and assessment year to be partially deducted as special expenses for tax purposes in the case of private old-age provision through basic pension contracts. The prerequisite for this is, for example, that an exclusion of realisation is contractually agreed. This is intended to guarantee the insolvency […]

Dr. Fiala: Garnishment protection – the pitfalls in pension schemes, in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

  Tax consultants, doctors, dentists, architects, journalists and other freelancers have no other choice. You have to pay into professional pension funds or pension chambers for your pension. But how safe is the money you have saved up when creditors or insolvency administrators want to enforce their claims?   The financial news service asked […]

trapped employer

Deferred compensation with insurance solutions: Employers have double wage costs through company pension schemes.   An employee had asked her employer to invest part of her salary in a company pension scheme on her behalf (deferred compensation). After 6,230 euros had been transferred to a “company pension scheme” by the employer within three years, the […]